Love Your Face
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Love Your Face

Beauty Secrets of Michiana’s Most Beautiful

There’s no question that makeup is transformative.  It can hide bags on the most sleep deprived new mother.  It can bring out the green in someone’s hazel eyes.  It can even hide an old tattoo or scar.  Most of us though have a pretty established beauty routine.  We may feel pretty loyal to our go... [Read more]


Think Pink: Meet 2 Hometown Beauties Battling Breast Cancer

By the 11th of October you’ve probably seen the pink themed displays at the grocery store, the pink ribbon pins out and about, and maybe even a special commercial or two. Somewhere deep in your subconscious you remember: “oh yes, October is breast cancer awareness month.” At Camellia, we wanted to do more... [Read more]


Review: Esqido Mink Lashes are here!

Mink. Sounds luxurious, right? Visions of getting ready for the day in your fabulous mansion in Bel Air, dripping in diamonds as you powder your nose while sitting at your marble vanity come to mind. Okay, back to reality. You don’t have to be a makeup guru to have heard of the hottest new trend in the beauty... [Read more]


Get this Look: Girls’ Night Out

Ever look at Facebook or Instagram pics after a girls’ night out and wonder where your makeup went? Guilty! Everyone wants to feel sexy, cool, and confident when they’re out on the town, and sometimes all it takes is having a signature, simple girls’-night-out look. See our look breakdown below. Top... [Read more]