Love Your Face
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Love Your Face

Get this Look: Girls’ Night Out

Ever look at Facebook or Instagram pics after a girls’ night out and wonder where your makeup went? Guilty! Everyone wants to feel sexy, cool, and confident when they’re out on the town, and sometimes all it takes is having a signature, simple girls’-night-out look. See our look breakdown below. Top... [Read more]


3 Products You Need for a Sweat-Free Summer

You still want to look good even when it’s 90 degrees outside. So what do you do to fight the hot-and-sweaty summer blues? Essential for a day by the pool or sideline at the kids’ softball game, we’ve got your must-have products for a sweat-free summer. 3 Products You Need for a Sweat-Free Summer Use... [Read more]


4 Days of Flash Sales!

A different flash Sale for every day of the week! April 26-29th, only at Camellia. Tuesday: Brows, Baby! All Camellia eyebrow products 20% off $5 brow wax with new talent Rachel (by appointment book here!) Wednesday: Go for the Glow! All Camellia Bronzers and Highlighters 20% off Thursday: Kick up your color! All... [Read more]


How to take better selfies

Andrea loves dropping by the U93 Morning Show every Monday to share all our favorite beauty tips and tricks! This week, Andrea enlisted the the help of AMAZING photographer Meagan Gilbert ( to share her advice on how to look better in selfies and pictures in general. 1. Lighting, lighting,... [Read more]