Love Your Face
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Love Your Face

Teen Week at Camellia

It’s TEEN WEEK at Camellia Cosmetics.  We are so excited to dedicate a whole week to helping our youngest customers blossom in 2017!  Often, moms come to us asking for help in guiding their teen daughter’s makeup know how and routine.  Whether mom and daughter are hitting heads on how much eye makeup... [Read more]

Ring in 2017 Looking More GLAM Than Ever

2016 is drawing to a close.  And this Saturday night when the clock strikes twelve, 2017 will burst forth with all its promise and potential.  It’s not too late to start the new year off with a fresh and extra glamorous look.  You can still book online with us this week for one of our many services.  For... [Read more]

Four Generations of Beautiful

At Camellia, one of the things we enjoy most about our work is the opportunity to make women of ALL generations and ages feel beautiful.  From “flower girl make-up”, first makeup lessons for teens, prom, bridal, and on to more mature looks: we pride ourselves on helping each woman feel like a knock... [Read more]

That pulled together, busy mom on the go!

You’ve seen her at the super market.  You’ve seen her at your kids’ school.  She’s the busy mom on the go, that still rocks that effortless glamour and always seems to be pulled together.  Let’s hit the pause button for a minute though and let’s all be honest.  The truth... [Read more]