Love Your Face
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Love Your Face

That pulled together, busy mom on the go!

You’ve seen her at the super market.  You’ve seen her at your kids’ school.  She’s the busy mom on the go, that still rocks that effortless glamour and always seems to be pulled together.  Let’s hit the pause button for a minute though and let’s all be honest.  The truth... [Read more]


Camellia Staff Picks!

Have you ever wondered what our favorite products are at Camellia?!   We’re here to fill you in on the inside scoop of our top picks!  Each Camellia girl has her go to favorites, so we spent some time in the studio interviewing each girl to find out more! Camellia Girls from left to right: Nicole, Adriana,... [Read more]


Beauty Secrets of Michiana’s Most Beautiful

There’s no question that makeup is transformative.  It can hide bags on the most sleep deprived new mother.  It can bring out the green in someone’s hazel eyes.  It can even hide an old tattoo or scar.  Most of us though have a pretty established beauty routine.  We may feel pretty loyal to our go... [Read more]


Think Pink: Meet 2 Hometown Beauties Battling Breast Cancer

By the 11th of October you’ve probably seen the pink themed displays at the grocery store, the pink ribbon pins out and about, and maybe even a special commercial or two. Somewhere deep in your subconscious you remember: “oh yes, October is breast cancer awareness month.” At Camellia, we wanted to do more... [Read more]