Love Your Face
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Love Your Face

How to choose, then apply your foundation

Looking for the ideal way to blend in your foundation? We LOVE foundation brushes, and more recently those big pink sponges. Both will transfer even the smallest amount of foundation to your skin without waste, giving you that smooth finish we all love.   Using a sponge or a brush will allow you to use less... [Read more]

How to cover up, and keep it real at the same time!

Think you’re the only one with less than perfect skin? Of course you do! Don’t pretend with me, I talk to y’all every day! Your splotchy skin? Not that special! Most of the time, we are fine with it. But sometimes, we want to look really pretty. Drop dead gorgeous would be nice. It’s always... [Read more]

Don’t go naked, go nude!

Don’t go naked, go NUDE! What’s the difference? The naked look is fine,if you’re a runway model. But the naked,natural look often just makes us regular people look dull. Our Fall Look ’17 – NUDE (but not naked!) Nude however, now that’s a whole range of colors. From the... [Read more]

The most confident girl in the room

Confidence – It comes from within. A well deserved, hard earned belief in your own ability to succeed. No one hands it to you, you work for it. Some people wear their confidence inside and out. A single glance tells the world, “I’m a rock star”. Confidence is choosing the bright lip... [Read more]