Eyebrow Shaping & Facial Hair Removal


The Hollywood Brow  $15

It’s the brow service that made us famous!

What’s so Hollywood about our brow shaping services? Our licensed experts learned our waxing/shaping techniques from Emmy award winning makeup artists. We’ll give you those full, perfectly shaped eyebrows you see on TV, bringing a little Hollywood flair to the Midwest.

A great haircut can make your hair look fuller, and getting your brows shaped by a pro can make them look more substantial and well-defined. Once your brows are properly shaped, it’s easy to maintain them with your choice of brow filler. Book online below or call 574-243-1730.

Lip Wax $10

Trust us when we tell you that you’re not the only woman with upper-lip hair. Women’s facial hair is one of the best-kept secrets among the female population. We provide lip waxing services to keep your upper lip smooth and hair-free. Your secret’s safe with us!

Chin $30

It’s not uncommon for women to grow coarse, dark hairs on their chins. It’s a blight many of us suffer from, especially as we age. The chin area must be handled delicately to avoid scarring caused by irritated ingrown hairs or improper and aggressive hair removal. We provide professional chin waxing and tweezing to remove deep and ingrown hairs to keep your chin smooth and free of hair.

Facial Waxing $20

We also wax cheeks and other facial areas.

Book Online Now

Use our online booking form to find the perfect time for your appointment, or call us at (574) 243-1730 to schedule your appointment by phone.

We schedule appointments on the 15-minute mark to allow for the most efficient service. If you won’t be able to make your appointment, please call (574) 243-1730 as we regularly have a waiting list for our popular Hollywood Brow service. We highly recommend booking your brows one week in advance.