Luxury Mink Lash Bar

Luxury Mink Lash Bar

esqido-mink-lashesUnbelievably Natural Looking

Handcrafted from the softest and finest ethically shed mink hairs, our Luxury Lash Bar uses ESQIDO mink lashes. These natural looking lashes are the lightest, softest full-strip lashes in the world and are worn by celebrities and trendsetters across the globe! Combined with their beautiful curls, these ultra-fine lashes give your eyes a natural lift and are easier to apply than ever.

Lashes That Stand the Test of Time

Quality is everlasting. That’s why mink lashes were crafted to be reusable and last much longer than traditional synthetic strip lashes. So you can enjoy your lashes day in, day out, for up to 25 uses. Wear every day or save for special occasions. You’ll be hooked on your new mink lashes after just one wear.


Our Lash Services

Esqido Mink Lashes (Apply yourself) $35

Mink Luxury Lash Service, $50
Includes your selection of Esqido lashes to accent your eye shape, trim, fitting, and application.

Lash Reapplication, $10
In-store application on your previously purchased luxury mink lashes. Mink Lashes can be reapplied up to 25 times.

Our Regular False Lashes, Includes Application Service $15