Say Goodbye to Blah Face!

Winter blues aren’t limited to just your mood. Grey skies and extra time indoors because of the cold lead to both a lack of vitamin D and inevitably “blah face.”  Your summer tan has long since faded and the winter blues can leave you feeling less than excited to get dolled up and go out. However, we believe that combating that blah face and amping up your makeup routine this time of year is EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED to help you feel better inside and out!

Being the “Makeup Lesson People” means that we know just what to do to help you combat your blah feeling and blah face. Stop into Camellia Cosmetics this week and we will teach you how to take back your routine and be your own sunshine! From a little bronzer and contouring to the right pop of lipstick color — we know just what to do to get you feeling sparkly!

Teen Week at Camellia

It’s TEEN WEEK at Camellia Cosmetics. We are so excited to dedicate a whole week to helping our youngest customers blossom in 2017! Moms often come to us asking for help in guiding their teen daughters’ makeup know-how and routines. Whether mom and daughter are hitting heads on how much eye makeup to wear or they just don’t know where to start…we are here to help!

Teens need routines that are quick (getting up for school is already early enough, need we say more?), easy to master, age/event appropriate, and affordable. At Camellia Cosmetics, here is how we can help your teen daughter:

  1. We can help her learn a quick and easy routine: Routines that are easy to remember will get implemented. Let us help her feel confident in applying the basics and teach her a few quick tricks too!
  2. We can customize her makeup lesson to her lifestyle: Does she need waterproof mascara because of sports? Does she need makeup to combat oily skin or blemishes? We will customize her makeup lesson and routine to her needs.
  3. We can create an age- and event-appropriate look for her: We will teach your teen how to apply makeup for school or sports, but how to take it up a notch for Friday night or a school dance. Mom will be happy too!
  4. We can put together a routine and corresponding product list that is affordable. Teen makeup is usually less expensive. Without age spots, fine lines, and eye circles, we can put together a short but dynamic list that will make her makeup bag complete and fun!
  5. We can book professional makeup appointments for her senior pictures or prom!

*photography by Meagan Gilbert Photography (specializing in senior photography)





Ring in 2017 Looking More GLAM Than Ever

Let us help you get Shaina’s glowing and accentuated cheek bones.

2016 is drawing to a close. And this Saturday night when the clock strikes twelve, 2017 will burst forth with all its promise and potential. It’s not too late to start the new year off with a fresh and extra glamorous look. You can still book online with us this week for one of our many services. For example, book a makeup lesson for this week, and we can teach you some innovative and personalized makeup tricks that can be used not only for Saturday night parties but all year long as well. Or book for Saturday (we’re open on NYE from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.) for a professional makeup appointment or lash service.

And while we’re all about helping you master that everyday, office-appropriate look, we have to admit we get a little giddy over the extra drama, sparkle, and shine that New Year’s Eve makeup offers. This past week, model Shaina Poland was in our studio, and we had a blast creating these red-carpet worthy looks. Here’s some makeup inspiration for your weekend festivities:


A bold red lip is perfect for event makeup and stands out from across the room as well as in pictures!


Or soften up the lip color and focus instead on bold eyes, lashes, and highlights.





Four Generations of Beautiful

Four Generations of Beautiful, from left to right: Frances, Chloe, Brooke, and Linda.

At Camellia, one of the things we enjoy most about our work is the opportunity to make women of ALL generations and ages feel beautiful. From flower girl make-up, first makeup lessons for teens, prom, bridal, and on to more mature looks: we pride ourselves on helping each woman feel like a knockout.

We recently got the opportunity to offer our trademarked makeup lessons to a four-generation group of women. That’s right, grandmother, mother, daughter, and granddaughter were all in our studio. What better way to truly demonstrate our ability to help each woman feel and look her best? And, yes, this means that we are ready and excited to help YOU too! During the holidays, we are offering a very special incentive for our makeup lessons. We want YOU to book a FREE lesson with us between now and the end of the year. When you do, we will not only teach you customized beauty tips for your most beautiful look, but we will also extend a special holiday discount offer on the products you purchase from your lesson.

Holiday Offer: Spend $50 in product purchases following your lesson and get 10% off those products. Lesson is FREE with minimum $40 product purchase.

*Discount cannot be combined with other offers.  Discount can only be used toward products. Free lesson with minimum $40 product purchase.

Camellia owner Rebecca, mid-lesson with Linda.

Why Book One of Our Lessons? Here are 8 Reasons…

  1. No more foundation lines! We will help you finally find the right match for foundation, concealers, and powder — once and for all.
  2. Maximize your eyes! We know the best way to bring out various shades and shapes of eyes. Let us help you understand shadow application to maximize YOUR eyes!
  3. Look thinner and younger! Have you heard of contouring and strobing? This is the secret weapon of all celebrities and red carpet A-listers. Let us help you learn how to contour your makeup to look thinner and younger instantly!
  4. Get an updated look! Makeup, just like fashion, has a timestamp on it. Right now, for example, a fuller brow, an ombre lip, and anything rose-gold are new trends. Let us help you update your makeup look and routine so that you aren’t timestamped from 2002!
  5. Learn the right tools for the right products! Oftentimes we find that customers don’t know which tools to use with which products. Let us show you how various shapes and sizes of brushes can really help refine your look.
  6. Understand the ORDER of how to apply your makeup! Do you suffer from fallout from your shadow that messes up your whole look? Let us show you the order in which you should apply your makeup to avoid the pitfalls of smudged lipstick and shadow fallout!
  7. Feel pampered! Our lessons are free, but we guarantee that they will make you feel like a million bucks. There’s something about sitting in a chair and having someone do your makeup that leaves you feeling special. So why not treat yourself to a no-cost lesson?!
  8. Finally, save big time! During the holiday season, take advantage of the discount we are offering on product purchases when you book one of our free makeup lessons (free with minimum $40 purchase).

Click HERE to book your makeup lesson now!

Let us help YOU feel beautiful too with one of our makeup lessons!

We can’t wait to book your lesson no matter your age or skin tone!

Beauty in your 30s.


Beauty in your 50s.


Beauty at every age!

And all of these beautiful women were excited to take advantage of our tiered discounts on products following their lessons.

Brooke with our “Be Beautiful Kit” by Bare Minerals, $45. We used a single palette to create Brooke’s signature look. Her gorgeous eyes were defined with a mix of sheen and matte shadows. Rebecca then brightened her cheeks with a stunning finish of bronzer and blush, all easily at your fingertips using our Be Beautiful Kit.


Linda’s amazing cheekbones take on a fresh look with this easy blush, powder, and glow trio. We swept a generous amount of rose along her cheekbones, then layered on the glow for a touch of highlight. Just a dab of powder from the trio instantly vanishes oil, finishing this polished look.


The original award-winning mineral powder coverage is available in this grand-sized luxury edition during the holiday season. It’s the fastest way to flawless, radiant looking skin that doesn’t scream “makeup!”

That Pulled-Together, Busy Mom On-the-Go!

You’ve seen her at the supermarket. You’ve seen her at your kids’ school. She’s the busy mom on-the-go, who still rocks that effortless glamour and always seems to be pulled together. Let’s hit the pause button for a minute though, and let’s all be honest. The truth is that we are all busy and we are all barely hanging on sometimes. Motherhood, at every stage, is extraordinary but also challenging. My favorite quote from my mom is, “Motherhood is the toughest job you’ll ever love.” Indeed, let’s have a moment of solidarity and all agree that behind the scenes we are all managing the crazy, with many highs and lows every day.

But with that said, if you’ve found yourself sideways glancing at that effortless, chic mom…here’s a secret: she too is losing her mind sometimes. She just has a few extra tricks up her sleeve for her beauty routine, and we are planning on letting you in on those secrets today.

This week in the studio, we had the chance to interview and photograph two local moms, both who have that style and poise, but who are both busy new moms too. Here’s the inside scoop on how they keep looking beautiful despite their busy, on-the-go schedules.

Left to right: Alex Pecina and Malory Labonne.

Camellia’s Tips for Mastering a Chic Look Despite Being Busy

  1. Plan ahead: We all know that a well thought-out plan, done in advance, is the secret to much success. The same goes for your beauty routine.  A few extra minutes planning in advance will save you LOADS of time and agony down the road. Gone are the days of unlimited makeup pallets, dozens of brushes, piles of options etc. Instead, buy yourself a small cosmetic bag and narrow in on the exact products you want to use daily (you can always store your other makeup products in your linen closet or under your sink for later or to switch things up down the road). But for now focus in on the daily products. If your makeup bag only contains the products you will use on a routine basis, your application will be second nature and can be done quickly and on the go. Need help deciding WHAT to put in the makeup bag? We can help!
  2. Limit the number of products you use: In addition to organizing your makeup bag with only your routine products, we also recommend that the quantity you use daily is less. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style! For example, an investment in an all-in-one pallet that includes blush, bronzer, and highlighter in one product will save time and money. You simply open it up, and with a few sweeps of your brush, you can contour your face quickly and easily. For your everyday, on-the-go look you can skip extra things like eyelash curlers, lip liner, etc. Focus on the basics, such as concealer, powder, mascara, and blush.
  3. If you have the ability, consider a back up set: If you have the resources, consider creating a duplicate bag full of your daily routine products. Leave one set in your bathroom for most days. Put the other set in your console in your car or perhaps in your handbag. This will ensure that even if you end up having to run out the door before you are done getting ready, you will still be able to come back to your makeup routine when you find a few extra minutes in the carpool line or at a traffic light.
  4. Invest in the right, long-lasting products upfront: We all know there are products out there that seem to disappear over the course of the day. Have you ever applied a lip gloss only to see the whole thing smudge off onto your coffee mug? Or perhaps you applied pretty pink blush one morning, only to catch a glance of yourself in the bathroom mirror later in the day and see that somehow you are looking as pale as a ghost. The good news is that we at Camellia have products that can combat this problem. Ask us about our lip stains, for example, which are guaranteed to last much longer. These types of long-lasting products will save you time because you don’t have to keep reapplying them.
  5. Remember that real beauty shines from within: And of course, remember that a warm smile and kind eyes shine brighter than any highlighter or shimmer we can sell.  Authenticity and kindness are the most beautiful attributes you can have and accentuate.

Now find out about our local moms, who have these tips and tricks nailed!

Malory Anne Labonne

Malory is a proud mamma to the two sweetest little girls you’ve ever laid your eyes on. You may already know her via her blog, Malory Anne, which features reviews of great products for moms, nursery decor, and real-life stories from being a stay-at-home mom. Malory and her husband, Kory, live here in Granger, Indiana. In addition to being a busy mom, Malory has a passion for dance, photography, and Jesus. If you follow her blog or Instagram, you will quickly see that she also has an eye for beauty and style. From the decor in her girls’ rooms to her personal fashion sense, Malory understands style. We were fortunate enough to get to spend some time with her at Camellia and take some snapshots of her beauty routine and looks.

Malory Anne Labonne, gorgeous mom on the go.


Malory knows the secret to looking cute no matter how busy.


Find out the products we used for Malory, so you know what to put in your better-planned makeup bag for daily use!


Camellia girl, Adriana, accentuates Malory’s beautiful eyes. Find out how you can get her look as a part of your daily routine.

As seen on Malory (hint: this is the perfect list of products for your daily routine makeup bag!):

  • Bare Minerals Pro Powder, $30
  • Camellia Cosmetics Eyeshadow and Blush in Dessert Rose, $14
  • Bar Minerals Moxie Lip Gloss in Miss Popular, $18
  • Black Out Gel Waterproof Eyeliner, $16
  • Camellia Cosmetics Luxury Mascara, $16
  • Camellia Cosmetics Blondi Brow Pencil, $15

Alex Pecina

She may not look like she JUST had a baby, but she did! Alex is a proud boy mom and happy wife. She and her husband, Ryan, live here in Granger, Indiana. Oh and spoiler alert, this gorgeous new mamma just happens to be Malory’s sister-in-law! Can we say #prettyfamilypictures?! Alex’s life changed drastically when she had her baby, going from a recent Saint Mary’s College graduate to now, at just age 24, a busy mom. Getting ready has to be done quickly — and often on the go — to keep up with the needs of a newborn. She’s got that down though, and always looks put together and calm. We love you Alex (and baby Jay too!).

Alex Pecina.


Alex knows that being a new mom doesn’t mean you have to abandon your makeup routine; it just has to be streamlined.


Casual, chic, and gorgeous!


Alex checks out the products we used for her quick but glamorous look.


As seen on Alex (hint: this is also the perfect list of products for your daily routine makeup bag!):

  • Bare Minerals Pro Powder, $30
  • Baked Blush by Camellia Cosmetics in Dahlia, $16
  • Camellia Cosmetics Full Cover Gloss in Neutral Rose, $14
  • Black Out Gel Waterproof Eyeliner, $16
  • Bare Minerals Lash Domination Mascara, $19
  • Bare Minerals 8-Shade Eye Sshadow Kit in Bare, $42


Left to right: Alex Pecina & Malory Labonne.

Thank you to these two real hometown beauties! They are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside!

Camellia Staff Picks!

Camellia Girls from left to right: Nicole, Adriana, Molly, and Rebecca.

Have you ever wondered what our favorite products are at Camellia? We’re here to fill you in on the inside scoop of our top picks! Each Camellia girl has her go-to favorites, so we spent some time in the studio interviewing each girl to find out more!

Rebecca’s Picks

Rebecca Maalouf: Lead Makeup Artist, Store Owner, Makeup Over Age 50 Specialist.

“Having worked with hundreds of women over the age of 50 (and enjoying that description myself), I know that this is an age when women need to re-think what is working for them. So much advice given to women over 50 places the beauty needs of a woman at 50 on the same par as a woman at 80, which is ridiculous. I throw out the old rules, listen closely to each woman, and help create a look that thrills them.” — Rebecca Maalouf

Rebecca’s Top Picks:

  1. Meet Matte Shadow Pallet, by the Balm, $42: These matte eye shadows never bore. With tons of pigment in just the right shades, they are easy to blend. The colors themselves are huge and last all day and night.
  2. Camellia Crease Eye Shadow Brush: Everyone should have this brush. At $14 it’s a steal (it’s clearly a $30 value), and a luxury brush. Actually, it’s priceless, because I would hate to do makeup without it. This is the number one makeup brush every woman should have.

Rebecca with the Meet Matte Shadow Palette, $42.


Easy-to-blend shades that enhance your natural eye color.

Book with Rebecca: Book early! Rebecca’s artistry hours are Monday through Friday from 11-2. She would love to work with you! Schedule your appointment by calling 574-243- 1730 or contact Rebecca directly. By appointment only.

Nicole’s Picks

Nicole Ladyga: Camellia Makeup Artist, Eyebrow Shape Specialist.

“When shaping someone’s brows, I always try to keep them as full as possible while making sure to add enough shape, which will help lift the entire face. I like to share my brow-fill tips with every client, because strong brows look confident, youthful, and healthy.” — Nicole Ladvga

Nicole’s Top Pick:

  1. Brow Pencil: Long Wear Camellia Brand, $15:  The fastest and easiest solution to sparse brows in natural shades like Blondi (ash blonde). These self-sharpening, water-resistant, smudge-proof brow pencils are great for defining and shaping brows. Use the attached brush for blending.

Long Wear Brow Pencil by Camellia, $15.


Let us help you achieve the full, defined brows you’ve always wanted! Book with Nicole and let us help you finally find the RIGHT tools and products!

Book with Nicole: Every Wednesday and occasional Saturdays you can find Nicole in the Brow Spa Room at Camellia Cosmetics. Book early — she’s popular!


Molly’s Picks

Molly Sandler: Lead Makeup Artist, Make Up Forever Academy Graduate.

“Highlighter is an instant face brightener. Our skin will often look and feel dryer in cold winter months, but highlighter creates a healthy looking glow and adds just enough texture so skin looks warm and healthy.” — Molly Sandler

Molly’s Top Pick:

  1. Cindy Lou-Manizer by The Balm, $24: This highlighter, shadow, and shimmer diffuses light so your skin looks softer and younger. The peachy shade adds a soft glow that lasts all day.

Molly shows off our best-selling Cindy Lou Manizer (an all-in-one highlighter, shadow, and shimmer) for just $24.


Isn’t the packaging so cute? Hint, hint: this would make a great stocking stuffer too!

Book with Molly: Molly is available every weekday until 7 p.m. and occasional Sundays to share her tips and tricks with you. Book a makeup lesson online or call 574-243- 1730.


Adriana’s Picks

Adriana Jimenez: Lead Makeup Artist, Cool Chica.

“With three little boys, I know all about getting my makeup on fast. As a makeup artist, it also has to be perfect. I’m never afraid to multi-purpose my products, and knew that our new fall shadow would also make the perfect blush.” — Adriana Jimenez

Adriana’s top picks:

  1. Camellia Eye Shadow in Dessert Rose Shadow, $14:  This eye shadow/blush is the perfect soft pink, matte shade for creating both a sophisticated, soft eye look and a gentle sweep of color along the cheekbones. This is the color that works when nothing else does!
  2. Bare Minerals Matte Lip Gloss, $18:  Matte Lip color is on trend, and the Bare Minerals shades are all in statement making nudes. They feel good on the lips and have a nice vanilla scent. Just let them set for a few minutes, and your color will last for hours.

Adriana with the Camellia brand multi-purpose shadow/blush she favors and her favorite shade of Bare Minerals lip gloss!


Buying just these TWO products makes life for a busy mom on the go so much easier! HINT: stay tuned next week for more “Busy Mom on the Go Tips!”

Book with Adriana: Adriana is available every weekday until 7 p.m. and occasional Sundays to share her tips and tricks with you. Book a makeup lesson online or call 574-243- 1730.


Beauty Secrets of Michiana’s Most Beautiful

Left to right: Jackie Sharpley, Miss Indiana 2011 and Zarah Skelton, Mrs. Indiana 2016.

There’s no question that makeup is transformative. It can hide bags on the most sleep-deprived new mother. It can bring out the green in someone’s hazel eyes. It can even hide an old tattoo or scar. Most of us though have a pretty established beauty routine. We may feel pretty loyal to our go-to products and our trusty techniques. But every once in a while, it’s important and actually exciting to try something new and be “transformed” all over again.

Maybe it’s a special night out that awakens your desire to try a dramatic, smoky cat-eye look. Or maybe you are tired of an over-tweezed brow and finally eager to try the new, fuller brow trend. But for many of us, the spark that ignites the curiosity to try something new is seeing something we want to try on another woman. The catch is that despite the inspiration, you often don’t know how to implement the look you are after. That’s where we at Camellia come in! We love when our customers pop in and show us pictures on their phones or from Pinterest and ask for help in recreating that look. So please always feel free to do that! In the meantime, we thought you all would love finding out some insider beauty secrets and tips from two of Michiana’s most beautiful women. This is essentially the HOW behind their flawless looks!

This week, we were one-on-one with Miss Indiana 2011, Jackie Sharpley and Mrs. Indiana 2016, Zarah Skelton. Both of these women hail from Michiana, and we were fortunate enough to have them in the studio for a makeup and photo session. While they were here, they spilled the beans on some of their best tips and tricks!

Meet Jackie Sharpley, Miss Indiana 2011

Jackie Sharpley, Miss Indiana 2011

Jackie (Jerlecki) Sharpley won Miss Indiana in 2011, after first winning the local competition Miss Duneland. Now you may know her through her role as co-owner of Sharpley Training. She and her husband Evan Sharpley, who was a Notre Dame football player, own the business together. You can also find her via her social media profiles where she goes by the catchy name of ThereSheSweats, on FOX 22 sharing weekly workout tips, and in the upcoming “Still Dancing in Elkhart: Dancing With Our Stars” competition.

Did someone say #goals?

So now that we all just vowed to get back into the gym tomorrow morning, let’s find out what Jackie shared with us! Here are some of her insider beauty secrets.

  1. Be confident! During the entire shoot, Jackie was smiling, joking, and just being herself. And there’s no doubt that her confidence and zeal for life are electric. It’s a good reminder that just owning your own beauty and FEELING strong and beautiful is powerful!
  2. Drink LOTS of water! Even if you’re not in the gym all day like Jackie, she reminds us that keeping hydrated is incredibly important for your energy and for your skin. When you are properly hydrated your makeup looks that much better: you look moisturized and radiant as a result.
  3. Eyes, Eyes, Eyes! Jackie says if she could only chose to use cosmetics on one feature she would elect to accentuate her eyes. Mascara, like our BLINC mascara ($26), is her most important tool, and for special events she recommends using false lashes to draw even more attention. At Camellia, you can book or even pop in last minute for a lash service for just $15!

Jackie says that accenting the EYES is the most important part of her beauty routine. Here Camellia artist, Adriana, is working on Jackie’s favorite part of her look: eyes and brows!


Jackie Sharpley, Miss Indiana 2011, is a big fan of our BLINC mascara, better than waterproof, $26. Once applied, these mascara tubes bind to your lashes and cannot run, smudge, clump, or flake, even if you cry or rub your eyes.


Jackie says confidence, which she definitely radiates, is one of her best beauty tips!

Meet Zarah Skelton, Mrs. Indiana 2016

Zarah Skelton, Mrs. Indiana 2016.

Zarah Skelton is this year’s Mrs. Indiana America! She’s from the greater Michiana area and attended Purdue University, which is where she met her husband, Daniel Skelton. Now she’s a teacher, and her passion both in education and as your reigning Mrs. Indiana, is to help inspire other young people to practice community service. Basically, she’s committed to helping others! Meet her in person at the upcoming Sass & Glitz Fashion Show by Sassy Magazine, and read below to find out some of the insider beauty tips she shared with us!

  1. Never let anyone dull your sparkle! Zarah is quick to smile, and indeed her eyes absolutely sparkle. She’s always uplifting and encouraging others. It’s important to remember that even when we are feeling off or down, a smile not only brightens other people’s day — it also perpetuates our own happiness and well being!
  2. Eyes, Eyes, Eyes! Just like Jackie, Zarah stressed to us the importance of accentuating the eyes. However, her main trick in doing so is complementing her eye color via her choice in eye shadows. Since she has beautiful blue eyes, she likes to wear brown shadows. The brown is closest in family to orange, which is the complementary color to blue. Hence, the brown (rather than grey, pinks, or green shadows) is the perfect color family to complement and bring out her blue eyes. We would be happy to help YOU find just the right complementary shadows for YOUR eye color too!

Camellia artist Molly chose brown shadows for Zarah BEFORE we even knew that was her favorite color to use! Our experts can help YOU nail that complementary shade too!


Zarah recommends using eye shadow shades that complement your eye color to make your eyes sparkle and stand out! We used our signature Camellia Cosmetics shadows in “Vanilla” and “TerraCotta” (each $14) to create this look.


She loved our “TerraCotta” hue from our exclusive Camellia fall collection of matte, modern brown eye shadows in rich, warm, interesting shades that are everywhere right now.




Think Pink: Meet Two Hometown Beauties Battling Breast Cancer

From left to right: Molly, one of our amazing Camellia artists; Meg Radde, one of our hometown beauties battling breast cancer; Vanessa Cooreman Smith, the former owner of Flourish Boutique who is now working with us on photo shoots and marketing consulting; Kim Burkey, our other hometown beauty conquering breast cancer; and Rebecca, the owner of Camellia Cosmetics.

By the 11th of October you’ve probably seen the pink themed displays at the grocery store, the pink ribbon pins out and about, and maybe even a special commercial or two. Somewhere deep in your subconscious you remember, Oh yes, October is breast cancer awareness month.

At Camellia, we wanted to do more than just a promotion that claimed to be about breast cancer awareness. We wanted to honor real, local women who have been on the front lines battling breast cancer. These are women that many of you know and care about. These are women who are actively impacting our community. They are beautiful inside and out. So last week, we set about giving them a little pampering and me-time. We invited them into our studio, enjoyed a little girl time, and pampered them with some of fall’s freshest looks.

So without further ado, we are so excited to introduce you to these two courageous hometown beauties:

Kim Burkey

Kim Burkey, beating breast cancer in 2016!

Earlier this year, Kim and her husband Tim were elated to find out they were expecting their third child, due November 30.  At a routine eight-week OB appointment, Kim mentioned to her nurse that she had found a lump on one of her breasts, even though it was probably nothing. At just 34, breast cancer was not top of mind. The nurse had the doctor examine the lump, and they decided to do an ultrasound right away, and then went on to recommend a biopsy. They were shocked to find out that in fact the lump was cancerous, and worse yet — a very aggressive form of cancer. Being pregnant brought up a lot of question about how to treat the cancer safely for mom and baby.

Shortly after meeting with her oncologist for the first time and creating a treatment plan that allowed for being pregnant, Kim went back to her OB for a routine appointment. When they used the Doppler to try to find the heartbeat, they could not hear anything. She was taken across the hallway for a more detailed ultrasound, but heartbreakingly again silence echoed across the room. Kim says she doesn’t remember a whole lot from there, other than the nurse asking her for her husband’s work phone number. Their sweet baby was gone, and left in the place of all the promise and excitement was the scary and looming cancer. How could they process all of this so quickly? How do you grieve when you have to gear up for the fight of your life?

With her husband by her side and with a strong faith, Kim carried on. She started a blog called Kimberly Beats Cancer. She underwent surgery, many rounds of chemo, lost her hair, battled through all the side effects of the medication, and somehow found her way through all the deep emotions of miscarriage and illness. Only a couple of weeks ago, Kim shared on her blog that the treatment seems to have done its work and her cancer appears to be dead! A follow-up surgery and pathology report will confirm this soon, but in the meantime Kim is relieved to have completed her chemotherapy and trying to find a new normal.

It takes real beauty to fight these kinds of battles — the kind of beauty that comes from within and then finds its way outward. If you know Kim, or are lucky enough to meet her, you would quickly agree that she’s that kind of radiant. Her eyes sparkle and her smile shines from within; cancer hasn’t dampened that at all.  It was an absolute joy to pamper her with a special make-up session and photo shoot.  To get Kimberly’s look, you will want to try our new pink hues in Camellia eye shadows as seen below!

Kim Burkey.

Owner, Rebecca Maalouf, working on Kim’s look.

As seen on Kim, left to right: Pink Cloud Eye Shadow by Camellia Cosmetics, $14 – A light wash of pink in a matte, smooth eye shadow. Desert Pink Eye Shadow by Camellia Cosmetics, $14 – This pink/nude creates a sophisticated, finished look.

Meg Radde

Meg Radde, Michiana hometown beauty & breast cancer survivor.

Many of you may know Meg from her role as an instructor at B. Present Studio. Indeed, health and taking care of herself have always been important to Meg. It came as a huge surprise then when she was diagnosed with HER2 hormone-driven cancer at just 29! Despite no family history of breast cancer and not carrying the infamous breast cancer gene, Meg was facing this dreaded disease and had no choice but to begin treatment. Treatment included seventeen rounds of chemo, a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction, and a hysterectomy. That’s a lot to take on. During the heart of her treatment, Meg had to put teaching barre on hold. She lost her hair, and as you can imagine, she suffered from a variety of the physical and emotional side effects of both her cancer and the treatment.

She credits her commitment to health and well being though, as the foundation to her recovery. Through all the challenging days of chemo and other treatments, she found herself repeating the B. Present mantra of  “She believed she could and so she did.” Meg believed she could beat cancer, and so she did! Now a year later, Meg is cancer-free, back in the barre studio, and living life with a new appreciation and zeal.

Via social media, we have witnessed how many women have been encouraged by Meg’s journey.  At the photo shoot last week, it was touching to watch Meg and Kim meet for the first time and see the encouragement and hope Meg poured into Kim, who is just a little behind her in the journey. Meg wanted us to to encourage all of you too and shared the importance of taking care of your body, mind, and soul! She said the investment she had put into her health over the years really proved to be invaluable in getting her through chemo. You never know what your story holds down the road, physically or emotionally — so now is the time to invest in yourself and prepare for the future.

At the photo shoot Meg loved our new Cindy Lou Manizer from The Balm,  just  $24. It’s an all-in-one eye shadow, blush, and highlighter in a beautiful golden peach tone. All-in-one products like this make life on the go much easier! Also add our new Z Palette, which allows you to mix and match customized shadows and blush, etc.

Meg looking absolutely radiant!

Camellia artist Molly applying Meg’s fall look.

To get Meg’s look, use the following products (in clockwise order): Z Palette, $14-$20 – Organize your makeup like a pro with a customizable Z Palette. Cindy Lou Manizer from The Balm, $24 – An all-in-one eye shadow, blush, and highlighter in a beautiful golden peach tone. Mini Z Palette. Finally, Lash Domination by Bare Minerals, $19 – Get 10 lash benefits from just one super volumizing mascara.

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Review: Esqido Mink Lashes are here!

esqido-mink-lashesMink. Sounds luxurious, right? Visions of getting ready for the day in your fabulous mansion in Bel Air, dripping in diamonds as you powder your nose while sitting at your marble vanity come to mind.

Okay, back to reality.

You don’t have to be a makeup guru to have heard of the hottest new trend in the beauty world. In fact, if you’ve picked up a magazine, been on social media, or even seen a celebrity in the past six months, then chances are you’ve seen Mink lashes or heard the buzz around these falsies. So much buzz in fact, that we had to get our hands on some. And boy oh boy, two words come to mind: GAME CHANGER.

Every woman wants thicker, fuller lashes. As a makeup artist, I talk to women every single day about insecurities, and much like eyebrows and hormonal acne (argh!), eyelashes are constantly a source of contention. Maybe it’s just the perfectionists in us, but we always want more. And why not? Darn it, we deserve it.

Mink lashes promise to be everything we want out of a falsie. Super soft and comfortable, easy to apply, and oh yeah, made by hand to mirror the appearance of real lashes. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect though, you can reuse them up to 25 times! Which is actually is super smart and convenient. More on that in a minute.

With all the fuss on Mink lashes, are they really worth it? I’ve been trying them out for the past week, and here’s my takeaway so far.

1. Mink lashes are extremely comfortable and natural looking.

False strip lashes you’ve worn in the past were likely synthetic, meaning they were made by a machine, aren’t the most flexible, can be heavy, and don’t always look like real lashes. But ESQIDO Mink lashes are handcrafted and made by ethically sourced mink hair, and they are so soft and comfortable you won’t believe how much they look like real lashes. Even just holding them in my hand, I was shocked at how lightweight they were. After I put them on, I didn’t feel like I was wearing false lashes at all, which is great because I’m kind of sensitive when it comes to my eyes.


2. Available in different styles

I was also really excited that ESQIDO has several different types of mink lashes, specifically made for different eye shapes. I have almond shaped, almost hooded eyes, so a lot of times I’ve felt like my false lashes overwhelmed me. I love the “Oh So Sweet” and “Lash Named Desire” styles; they compliment my smaller eyes so perfectly and feel like they were made for me!


3. Easy to use

At first, I was a little intimidated. They’re mink, right? Sounds pretty fancy. When you get your Mink lashes at Camellia, we’ll help you trim the lashes to fit perfect and teach you how to apply them. If the idea of applying them yourself freaks you out — don’t sweat it — you can have them reapplied at Camellia anytime. I’ve worked with synthetic lashes a lot, and I could not believe how much easier these were to apply than other lashes. I was shocked. Two minutes, boom, and they were on. And they came off nicely when I was finished with them — just pop them back in their box until next time.

4. Reusable up to 25 times

HERE IS THE BEST PART: You can wear each pair of mink lashes up to 25 times. Yep, that’s right: wear them when and where you want to! I find this a great alternative to lash extensions, which require expensive and time consuming “fill” services every 2-3 weeks to keep up. Some people will want to wear their minks every day, and you certainly can! Even on your busiest morning you can throw on some lashes and lipstick and look ready for the day. Or keep them on hand for date night, family pictures, a big day at work, a wedding, baby shower, etc.

The fact that one pair of mink lashes can not only be super comfortable, but also easy to apply and last through 25 uses makes these an instant favorite. I expected these to be too good to be true, but honestly, they are just too good. I challenge everyone reading this, whether you’re a beauty junkie or just curious, to stop into Camellia and check these out. Besides, how cool is it that something so Hollywood is within your reach in your little hometown? Shop local, y’all.


10 years ago Camellia Cosmetics brought the Hollywood Brow to Michiana, and now Mink Lashes are about to be the next big thing. We can’t wait to rock your world. See you soon!

Learn more about Mink Lashes at Camellia Cosmetics here.

Get this Look: Girls’ Night Out

get-this-look-girls-night-outEver look at Facebook or Instagram pics after a girls’ night out and wonder where your makeup went? Guilty! Everyone wants to feel sexy, cool, and confident when they’re out on the town, and sometimes all it takes is having a signature, simple girls’-night-out look. See our look breakdown below.

Top Picks for a Summer Girls’ Night Out


A smoky eye and pink lip go together like champagne and bubbles! Summer humidity and shimmer never mix, so always opt for matte shades. Matte, warm highlight and a smokey rose and charcoal give sultry, skin-flattering look.

Camellia Shadow Trio: Bisque (highlight), Roselle (lid), Charcoal (crease)

Camellia False Lashes

Camellia Precision Pen: Black


There’s something so flirty and fun about about a pink lip — you really can’t go wrong for a night out. Don’t make the mistake of going too neutral on your lips — you’ll want the pop of color for pics. Make sure to use a long-wear color for a smudge-free night. (Drink proof!)

Camellia Lipstick: “Kiss N’ Tell”

See how these products (and more!) look on you before your next big night out. Stop in and let one of our Camellia artists help you lock down your look.