Review: Esqido Mink Lashes are here!

esqido-mink-lashesMink. Sounds luxurious, right? Visions of getting ready for the day in your fabulous mansion in Bel Air, dripping in diamonds as you powder your nose while sitting at your marble vanity come to mind.

Okay, back to reality.

You don’t have to be a makeup guru to have heard of the hottest new trend in the beauty world. In fact, if you’ve picked up a magazine, been on social media, or even seen a celebrity in the past six months, then chances are you’ve seen Mink lashes or heard the buzz around these falsies. So much buzz in fact, that we had to get our hands on some. And boy oh boy, two words come to mind: GAME CHANGER.

Every woman wants thicker, fuller lashes. As a makeup artist, I talk to women every single day about insecurities, and much like eyebrows and hormonal acne (argh!), eyelashes are constantly a source of contention. Maybe it’s just the perfectionists in us, but we always want more. And why not? Darn it, we deserve it.

Mink lashes promise to be everything we want out of a falsie. Super soft and comfortable, easy to apply, and oh yeah, made by hand to mirror the appearance of real lashes. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect though, you can reuse them up to 25 times! Which is actually is super smart and convenient. More on that in a minute.

With all the fuss on Mink lashes, are they really worth it? I’ve been trying them out for the past week, and here’s my takeaway so far.

1. Mink lashes are extremely comfortable and natural looking.

False strip lashes you’ve worn in the past were likely synthetic, meaning they were made by a machine, aren’t the most flexible, can be heavy, and don’t always look like real lashes. But ESQIDO Mink lashes are handcrafted and made by ethically sourced mink hair, and they are so soft and comfortable you won’t believe how much they look like real lashes. Even just holding them in my hand, I was shocked at how lightweight they were. After I put them on, I didn’t feel like I was wearing false lashes at all, which is great because I’m kind of sensitive when it comes to my eyes.


2. Available in different styles

I was also really excited that ESQIDO has several different types of mink lashes, specifically made for different eye shapes. I have almond shaped, almost hooded eyes, so a lot of times I’ve felt like my false lashes overwhelmed me. I love the “Oh So Sweet” and “Lash Named Desire” styles; they compliment my smaller eyes so perfectly and feel like they were made for me!


3. Easy to use

At first, I was a little intimidated. They’re mink, right? Sounds pretty fancy. When you get your Mink lashes at Camellia, we’ll help you trim the lashes to fit perfect and teach you how to apply them. If the idea of applying them yourself freaks you out — don’t sweat it — you can have them reapplied at Camellia anytime. I’ve worked with synthetic lashes a lot, and I could not believe how much easier these were to apply than other lashes. I was shocked. Two minutes, boom, and they were on. And they came off nicely when I was finished with them — just pop them back in their box until next time.

4. Reusable up to 25 times

HERE IS THE BEST PART: You can wear each pair of mink lashes up to 25 times. Yep, that’s right: wear them when and where you want to! I find this a great alternative to lash extensions, which require expensive and time consuming “fill” services every 2-3 weeks to keep up. Some people will want to wear their minks every day, and you certainly can! Even on your busiest morning you can throw on some lashes and lipstick and look ready for the day. Or keep them on hand for date night, family pictures, a big day at work, a wedding, baby shower, etc.

The fact that one pair of mink lashes can not only be super comfortable, but also easy to apply and last through 25 uses makes these an instant favorite. I expected these to be too good to be true, but honestly, they are just too good. I challenge everyone reading this, whether you’re a beauty junkie or just curious, to stop into Camellia and check these out. Besides, how cool is it that something so Hollywood is within your reach in your little hometown? Shop local, y’all.


10 years ago Camellia Cosmetics brought the Hollywood Brow to Michiana, and now Mink Lashes are about to be the next big thing. We can’t wait to rock your world. See you soon!

Learn more about Mink Lashes at Camellia Cosmetics here.