How to choose, then apply your foundation

Looking for the ideal way to blend in your foundation? We LOVE foundation brushes, and more recently those big pink sponges. Both will transfer even the smallest amount of foundation to your skin without waste, giving you that smooth finish we all love.


Using a sponge or a brush will allow you to use less foundation, but amazingly get more coverage. You end up saving money and product, while also keeping yourself from the dreaded cake face!


We spill on everything you need to know when choosing a new foundation, and how to decide between using a makeup brush or sponge, and how to use both.


FOUNDATION BASICS: Sheer, Medium, or Full Coverage?

Try Sheer Coverage if: your skin is clear and smooth, and you simply want to create a soft, even appearance or enhance your skin for a more finished look. Sheer coverage at Camellia Cosmetics includes: Bare Minerals Bare Pro Powder $30, Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue $30.

Use Medium Coverage if: you have some redness, a few blemishes, or uneven skin. We can easily make your skin look smooth and give you a more polished over all look with one of these medium coverage foundations: Camellia Brand Luminous $30, Camellia Brand Photo Touch $30, Bare Minerals Original $29, or Camellia Brand Liquid Mineral $29, Bare Minerals Bare Skin Liquid $30

Full Coverage is best if: you have stubborn redness, your  makeup tends to melt off your face, or you have more than a few bumbs and scars that won’t be harmed with full coverage. Camellia Studio Makeup $27, Bare Minerals Bare Pro Liquid $34, Youngblood Mineral Makeup $45


FINGERS: Here’s the thing with applying foundation with your fingers.  Assuming your hands are clean, they won’t be after you put your foundation on. Use your fingers and suddenly makeup is on everything you touch. And, your face makeup isn’t evenly applied, it’s heavy in some areas and non-existent in others. We won’t try to arrest your or anything, and we will say it’s OK, but really, it’s the worst choice. Cost: “Makeup Fingers” and less than perfect makeup coverage. That’s a real loss.

BRUSH: Simply place about 1/2 the amount of foundation you think you need on your brush, then gently drag it around your face, tapping where you want more coverage, swirling where you want to blend, and dragging for fast application. You will use so much less foundation, and your coverage will be perfect! If your brush is leaving any streaks on your skin, it probably needs to be cleaned. Regularly wash your foundation brush with your makeup removing face cleaner, or a specially formulated brush cleaner. Cost $20-$28

SPONGE: You’ve seen them, but what, and how… and why again? That was me a few years ago. And I’m a professional. I thought sponges were old school, something I used before I knew all about brushes!  It took a pro class, a trip to the makeup show, and finally, another equally stubborn makeup artist (I’m looking at you Ali!) to convince me that these new sponges were an excellent choice. What: a super cute, light and soft way to “bounce” your foundation off your skin. The result is what is often referred to as “airbrushed” finish. Where the skin ends and the makeup begins is your little secret! Cost $9-$20

BONUS: Take 1/2 Off a makeup brush or Sponge, now through October 16, 2017 when you buy any foundation!

How to cover up, and keep it real at the same time!

Think you’re the only one with less than perfect skin?
Of course you do!
Don’t pretend with me, I talk to y’all every day!
Your splotchy skin? Not that special!
Most of the time, we are fine with it.
But sometimes, we want to look really pretty.
Drop dead gorgeous would be nice.
It’s always good to know how to smooth out your skin tone,
or how to define your eyes, and exactly what to highlight.
We can help customize skin care options,
or smooth out your skins appearance with the right makeup.
Let’s work together!
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  Makeup Lesson
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Don’t go naked, go nude!

Don’t go naked, go NUDE!
What’s the difference?
The naked look is fine,if you’re a runway model. But the naked,natural look often just makes us regular people look dull.

Our Fall Look ’17 – NUDE (but not naked!)

Nude however, now that’s a whole range of colors. From the softest pink and heather grey, to deep purple.

Let us show you how easy it is to pull off  the Nude look, with a Fall Update Lesson that’s customized to your personal style. See which eye-shadows look just right, why blush isn’t always pink, and just how interesting a nude lip color can look.
Our makeup artist Sarah created and models our Fall Trend Nude look above. The colors are nude, but not beige or washed out. Sarah compliments her dark taupe indelible eye-shadow ($16) with Navajo brown accent color ($16). Both are matte. Her lips look cool in Hollywood Lipstick $15, cheeks are soft with vintage peach bare minerals $20 blush. Foundation and concealer are customized to each clients needs.
Be one of the first to wear this cool, unencumbered look. Book your Fall Trend ’17 look now!
YES! Book me, book me now! You’re ready.
HOW TO BOOK – Book online (click on Fall Trend ’17) Call – 574-243-1730 or Stop in and ask us anything!
 Camellia Cosmetics is open Monday-Saturday 10-7. 7220 Heritage Square Drive,#535 Granger IN 46530

The Camellia Cosmetics Exclusive Summer 2017 Look

Summer ’17 is almost here, and in anticipation we are so excited to announce “The Look: A Camellia Cosmetics Exclusive.”

The hottest beauty trend this summer is sheer shimmer. The sheer look makes it perfect for all skin tones and ages. Natural looks rule this summer — we layer sun protection with light coverage, with just-right shimmer accents to get you looking and feeling your best.

How to Get The Look

  1. PROTECT: Start with Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tint ($29.50). Add this hydrating gel with SPF 30 to get your skincare benefits and naturally radiant color — in one easy step.
  2. COVER: Swipe our ridiculously easy cover and highlight pencil over any remaining dark spots ($16).
  3. COLOR: Add color and highlight to your cheekbones with our featured bronzers, shimmers, or contour kits ($21- $28).
  4. SHEER SHIMMER: A swipe of our new sheer shimmer shadows in the softest of shades defines the look ($20 for two shades.)
  5. FRAME: Frame those eyes with lashes galore, bright or crisp eyeliner, and the new, softer brow ($15-$25).
  6. TEXTURE LIPS: From the coolest of mattes to the shiniest gloss, we customize your look by helping you pick the perfect shade and texture ($14-$18).

Don’t wait until party night to get your look right — start now and be one of the first ones wearing the sheer shimmer look!

TRY IT NOW:  You can reserve your Sheer Shimmer Makeup Tutorial — SCHEDULE NOW.

Just checking it out? Walk in! Our hours are Monday – Saturday 10-7 and Sundays 12-5, or feel free to call us at 574-243-1730.

Say Goodbye to Blah Face!

Winter blues aren’t limited to just your mood. Grey skies and extra time indoors because of the cold lead to both a lack of vitamin D and inevitably “blah face.”  Your summer tan has long since faded and the winter blues can leave you feeling less than excited to get dolled up and go out. However, we believe that combating that blah face and amping up your makeup routine this time of year is EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED to help you feel better inside and out!

Being the “Makeup Lesson People” means that we know just what to do to help you combat your blah feeling and blah face. Stop into Camellia Cosmetics this week and we will teach you how to take back your routine and be your own sunshine! From a little bronzer and contouring to the right pop of lipstick color — we know just what to do to get you feeling sparkly!

Camellia Staff Picks!

Camellia Girls from left to right: Nicole, Adriana, Molly, and Rebecca.

Have you ever wondered what our favorite products are at Camellia? We’re here to fill you in on the inside scoop of our top picks! Each Camellia girl has her go-to favorites, so we spent some time in the studio interviewing each girl to find out more!

Rebecca’s Picks

Rebecca Maalouf: Lead Makeup Artist, Store Owner, Makeup Over Age 50 Specialist.

“Having worked with hundreds of women over the age of 50 (and enjoying that description myself), I know that this is an age when women need to re-think what is working for them. So much advice given to women over 50 places the beauty needs of a woman at 50 on the same par as a woman at 80, which is ridiculous. I throw out the old rules, listen closely to each woman, and help create a look that thrills them.” — Rebecca Maalouf

Rebecca’s Top Picks:

  1. Meet Matte Shadow Pallet, by the Balm, $42: These matte eye shadows never bore. With tons of pigment in just the right shades, they are easy to blend. The colors themselves are huge and last all day and night.
  2. Camellia Crease Eye Shadow Brush: Everyone should have this brush. At $14 it’s a steal (it’s clearly a $30 value), and a luxury brush. Actually, it’s priceless, because I would hate to do makeup without it. This is the number one makeup brush every woman should have.

Rebecca with the Meet Matte Shadow Palette, $42.


Easy-to-blend shades that enhance your natural eye color.

Book with Rebecca: Book early! Rebecca’s artistry hours are Monday through Friday from 11-2. She would love to work with you! Schedule your appointment by calling 574-243- 1730 or contact Rebecca directly. By appointment only.

Nicole’s Picks

Nicole Ladyga: Camellia Makeup Artist, Eyebrow Shape Specialist.

“When shaping someone’s brows, I always try to keep them as full as possible while making sure to add enough shape, which will help lift the entire face. I like to share my brow-fill tips with every client, because strong brows look confident, youthful, and healthy.” — Nicole Ladvga

Nicole’s Top Pick:

  1. Brow Pencil: Long Wear Camellia Brand, $15:  The fastest and easiest solution to sparse brows in natural shades like Blondi (ash blonde). These self-sharpening, water-resistant, smudge-proof brow pencils are great for defining and shaping brows. Use the attached brush for blending.

Long Wear Brow Pencil by Camellia, $15.


Let us help you achieve the full, defined brows you’ve always wanted! Book with Nicole and let us help you finally find the RIGHT tools and products!

Book with Nicole: Every Wednesday and occasional Saturdays you can find Nicole in the Brow Spa Room at Camellia Cosmetics. Book early — she’s popular!


Molly’s Picks

Molly Sandler: Lead Makeup Artist, Make Up Forever Academy Graduate.

“Highlighter is an instant face brightener. Our skin will often look and feel dryer in cold winter months, but highlighter creates a healthy looking glow and adds just enough texture so skin looks warm and healthy.” — Molly Sandler

Molly’s Top Pick:

  1. Cindy Lou-Manizer by The Balm, $24: This highlighter, shadow, and shimmer diffuses light so your skin looks softer and younger. The peachy shade adds a soft glow that lasts all day.

Molly shows off our best-selling Cindy Lou Manizer (an all-in-one highlighter, shadow, and shimmer) for just $24.


Isn’t the packaging so cute? Hint, hint: this would make a great stocking stuffer too!

Book with Molly: Molly is available every weekday until 7 p.m. and occasional Sundays to share her tips and tricks with you. Book a makeup lesson online or call 574-243- 1730.


Adriana’s Picks

Adriana Jimenez: Lead Makeup Artist, Cool Chica.

“With three little boys, I know all about getting my makeup on fast. As a makeup artist, it also has to be perfect. I’m never afraid to multi-purpose my products, and knew that our new fall shadow would also make the perfect blush.” — Adriana Jimenez

Adriana’s top picks:

  1. Camellia Eye Shadow in Dessert Rose Shadow, $14:  This eye shadow/blush is the perfect soft pink, matte shade for creating both a sophisticated, soft eye look and a gentle sweep of color along the cheekbones. This is the color that works when nothing else does!
  2. Bare Minerals Matte Lip Gloss, $18:  Matte Lip color is on trend, and the Bare Minerals shades are all in statement making nudes. They feel good on the lips and have a nice vanilla scent. Just let them set for a few minutes, and your color will last for hours.

Adriana with the Camellia brand multi-purpose shadow/blush she favors and her favorite shade of Bare Minerals lip gloss!


Buying just these TWO products makes life for a busy mom on the go so much easier! HINT: stay tuned next week for more “Busy Mom on the Go Tips!”

Book with Adriana: Adriana is available every weekday until 7 p.m. and occasional Sundays to share her tips and tricks with you. Book a makeup lesson online or call 574-243- 1730.


Get this Look: Girls’ Night Out

get-this-look-girls-night-outEver look at Facebook or Instagram pics after a girls’ night out and wonder where your makeup went? Guilty! Everyone wants to feel sexy, cool, and confident when they’re out on the town, and sometimes all it takes is having a signature, simple girls’-night-out look. See our look breakdown below.

Top Picks for a Summer Girls’ Night Out


A smoky eye and pink lip go together like champagne and bubbles! Summer humidity and shimmer never mix, so always opt for matte shades. Matte, warm highlight and a smokey rose and charcoal give sultry, skin-flattering look.

Camellia Shadow Trio: Bisque (highlight), Roselle (lid), Charcoal (crease)

Camellia False Lashes

Camellia Precision Pen: Black


There’s something so flirty and fun about about a pink lip — you really can’t go wrong for a night out. Don’t make the mistake of going too neutral on your lips — you’ll want the pop of color for pics. Make sure to use a long-wear color for a smudge-free night. (Drink proof!)

Camellia Lipstick: “Kiss N’ Tell”

See how these products (and more!) look on you before your next big night out. Stop in and let one of our Camellia artists help you lock down your look.

3 Products You Need for a Sweat-Free Summer

sweat-free-summer-makeupYou still want to look good even when it’s 90 degrees outside. So what do you do to fight the hot-and-sweaty summer blues?

Essential for a day by the pool or sideline at the kids’ softball game, we’ve got your must-have products for a sweat-free summer.

3 Products You Need for a Sweat-Free Summer

Use a Setting Spray

Model in a Bottle seals your makeup so it stays in place all day. How good is it? We use it for all of our special events, photos, and bridal makeup applications!

Use a Tubing Mascara

Blinc Mascara & Primer is the best ever! It seals over lashes for EXTRA smudge resistance, without the hassle of special eye makeup removers. After use, tubes glide off with warm water.

What’s #3? There’s even more where that came from! Get the rest of our tips (and more!) this summer at Camellia.


5 Expert Tips for Teen Formal Makeup

Dance with your friends, smile, and cherish an evening of being young and looking fabulous. Getting ready is a huge part of this, so be sure to get the celebrity treatment and make it a moment to remember.

FORMAL TIP #1: Use a Professional Makeup Artist

There’s no better time to use a glam squad than when there’s a formal dance. It’s part of the fun! Camellia artists have worked on photo shoots, TV, and have also been featured on U93 as makeup experts. We know what’s #trending, and we know how to make you look your best all night! Did you know Camellia has teen specials? Book online here. Just select PROM/SCHOOL FORMAL!


teen-formal-makeupFORMAL TIP #2: Play Up Your Best Features

Usually, it’s lips or eyes, but if you have a specific area of your mug that you love most, then show it off! If you love your eyes, add false lashes to your look. Camellia artists also have lots of tips and tricks to hide those not-so-cute imperfections, so having the help of a pro for your special occasion is a major bonus. (Book online now! Only $40!)


FORMAL TIP #3: A Matchy-Matchy No-No!

If you want to look effortlessly glamorous, it’s more flattering to choose colors that complement the color of your dress rather than matching it exactly. Sure you can wear blue eye shadow with your blue dress, but that doesn’t mean you should. Hair color, eye color, and skin tone all are important factors when picking colors. Besides, wouldn’t you rather impress your friends with your understanding of the color wheel?

FORMAL TIP #4: What to Bring in Your Purse

Does your purse ever feel like a black hole? We’re all guilty of this. Usually for formal events, we’re limited to a smaller purse, so it’s important to only bring the essentials. Blotting papers are a must-have, as they can be used to control oil and sweat without making your face look cakey. Don’t forget lip gloss for touch-ups, breath mints, travel hairspray, and a compact mirror.

FORMAL TIP #5: Stay True to Yourself (and Take Lots of Selfies!)

If you feel uneasy with your makeup, it will show. It’s not about trying to look grown-up or looking like everyone else; it’s about looking your best and feeling your best.

Did we mention we have special student pricing? Only $40 for formal looks for teens!

Camellia Cosmetics is YOUR glam squad for winter formal. Book online now!




Let’s Talk About Brushes

02-commandments-of-makeup-brushes-574x600There are more makeup brushes in this world than you can even imagine. Having the right ones and knowing how to use them is what really matters.

Here are the Top 5 Brushes Every Woman Should Have:

1. Foundation Brush

For either liquid or powder foundation, a good brush for applying makeup to the entire face is a must-have! A liquid foundation brush will look like a little paint brush. When choosing a powder foundation brush, consider the density of the brush. A thicker brush will apply the product heavier; a fluffier brush will apply the product softer.

2. Smaller Rounded Brush for Cheeks

A smaller, rounded cheek brush is great for multi-use. Use this brush for bronzer and blush!

3. Fluffy Shadow Brush

A fluffy shadow blush is necessary for blending. This gives the shadow a soft, gradient, sought-after look.

4. Crease Brush

A crease brush is more pointed than a fluffy shadow brush. Use this brush for applying contour eye shadow colors into the crease of your eye, which follows just beneath the brow bone.

5. Liner/Smudge Brush

A liner brush a fine, thin pointed brush used for eyeliner. Use a liner brush with gel liners, or use a smudge brush with eye shadows to get a soft, smoky look around the eyes.

Know how good our brushes are? We use them! Yep, professional brushes handpicked by us for you. From $12-$25 only at Camellia Cosmetics.