Rock Those Frecks!

makeup and freckles

Don’t hide your freckles!

It was a long winter. A long, cold winter. Just as we had about given up hope for any kind of warmth, the sun appeared. And it was beautiful!

We would have done a back-flip (if we knew how). It’s now mid-May, and you might be noticing that the pasty hue that hovered over your skin for the last six months has finally started to darken. You might have even moved up a foundation shade (or maybe you’re due for a foundation check-up).

And then you notice it. A freckle! Those little annual sun-kissed dots that grace your nose every year. For some, they’re annoying. For me, it’s a sign: summer is near. While some may hide these little guys, we say, “rock those frecks!”

Freckles can be a beauty mark — or a flaw. It’s all how you look at it.

You can layer on makeup to hide them, or you can complement them! Gravitate towards bases with sheer to light coverage. I love to use our Camellia brand Luminous foundation. A lightweight, dewy finish that leaves your skin glowing! If you’re oily, you should use a mineral powder. Youngblood’s Mineral Powder foundation is a go-to for a lightweight powder foundation. And YB’s translucent powder is an all-time brand favorite!

When it comes to blush, peach and coral shades work best because they will complement your freckles perfectly. For a vibrant pop of coral, use our Camellia baked blush in Honeybell or Whisper Apricot for a less pigmented coral. For peach, try Teaberry, the perfect everyday peach…a Camellia favorite.

To top it off, use our Satin Glow baked finishing powder as a highlight above your cheekbones. The peach tone will complement your freckles perfectly and give you that effortless, sun-kissed look.

Now it’s time to stop in and see what works best with you. We’re open Mon-Sat 10-7, and Sundays 12-5. See you soon!

— Andrea

5 Easy Ways to Update your Look

baked-blush-update-your-lookWe’ve all been there. That moment when you suddenly realize nothing you have is working. Your moisturizer is too oily, your lipsticks are too dark, and your toes are not fit for public scrutiny after months of hiding in cute boots. This is how you ended up late for work and why you yelled at traffic all the way there.

Here’s a better way….

Five Easy Ways to Update Your Look Right Now

  • Skin care: Change up the basics. You need to be one step stronger in your cleansing routine and one step lighter in your moisturizer. Keep the specialists; you don’t have to change everything!
  • Face makeup: Decide how you want your skin to look, and ask a pro to get you there. There are as many choices in face makeup as there are faces. We start from your own unique skin type to find the perfect products that create the look you’re after. Be open minded, not trend minded, for foundation. BB, CC, Mineral, Luminous, Tints – ignore the hype and you’re halfway there.
  • Color: Pick up bronzer, pink or peach blush, pink or peach lip color, and a nude lip. Put down dark or medium brown lipstick and burgundy lipstick. Ditto for blush.
  • Grooming: Save precious time by keeping up with regular facials, brow grooming, and pedis. No more morning frenzy; you’ll be ready for anything.
  • Planning: Here’s a trick: Decide on two basic looks right now, say Good Sally and Bad Sally. Try on your looks — from the hair and makeup to the clothes and the shoes. Now only buy the things that go with these two looks. Streamlining just got fun!

It’s time to switch up your shades, and we’ve made it so easy for you. Spring and summer ’14 TREND LOOKS are happening now! For fast, fun, and free updates daily, stop in our shop. Please book an appointment for parties of two or more.

Call 243-1730


How to Have Fun in a Makeup Store

It’s easy right? Enter frazzled but somehow hopeful, exit dazzling yet somehow poorer! We’ve tweaked the formula for you, and added some excursions.

Photo Booth

Want proof of your transformation? Take a quick before shot in your everyday look. Play with color (fun)! Do you look better in red lipstick, hot pink, or nude gloss? A picture will show you things you just can’t see with your own eyes. Once you perfect that look, take the ultimate Facebook profile picture. Speaking of Facebook…


Social Share

Waiting for your Hollywood Brow appointment? Our social media center is all set up. Hop on and share or stalk. Those 5 minutes of waiting never flew by so fast! Love our Hollywood Brow? Love our makeup? Share the good vibes and we will be your beauty butlers for life!

The Camellia Challenge

This freebie is for every one of us, because every once in a while we need to hear the beauty truth. Just not all the time, right? So, whenever you’re up for it, take the Camellia Challenge. We’ll tell you (ever so nicely) what’s missing or not quite right about what you’re currently doing with your makeup. Then we’ll quickly show you what we would do. Take it or leave it. The Camellia Challenge isn’t about a beauty overhaul — it’s about those small changes in your beauty routine that sometimes make all the difference in the world.

We’re here to make you look and feel your most beautiful, and show you how to have fun in a makeup store.

I’ll see you soon,


3 New Ways to Use the Makeup You Already Have

eye-shadow-as-contourWe makeup artists love to multi-task. People often ask us how we’ve achieved that perfect shade or effect. Well, chances are, we used a little creativity…and makeup that we already had in our kit.

Here are some tips for using the makeup you already have in new ways:

1. Use eye shadows as contour:

This is one of my favorite tricks, because eye shadow is something everyone probably has in their makeup bag. Use taupe or a darker shade, depending on your skin tone. I used “Journey” in this example, which is a little too light for me, but it would be a perfect contour color for someone with fairer skin. Apply the colored eye shadow along your cheekbone, then apply a lighter color above your cheek bone, creating a highlight. For the lighter color, think bone white, light peach, or ivory, depending on your skin tone. I used “Cakewalk” in this example. I like to use a fan brush using this technique. Voila!

2. Concealer as primer:

While using a true eye primer is the best bet for eyes, you can get away with using concealer as a base for your shadows if you’re in a pinch. Using some kind of base on your lids before applying shadows is important because not only will the color blend more seamlessly, you will also be able to see the shadow’s true colors. Using conealer as a base won’t make the shadow stick as well as a true primer will, but it’s better than using nothing.

cream-blush3. Cream blush:

Cream blush might be the ultimate multitasker. You can use cream blushes for blush (duh!), lipstick, and eye shadow. Plus, the color lasts longer than pressed powder, doesn’t require a brush, and works great if you have dryer skin.

We’re people just like you, and sometimes we find ourselves out of our favorite produc while we’re on a train, in a car, or behind the scenes of a fashion show with only two minutes to get each model ready. We make do with what we have; we multi-task! But always, with a little creativity, we make things happen. We are women, after all, right?

Till next time,

There’s more where that came from! Want more tips and tricks like these? Come in for a makeup lesson with me.

Top 10 Ways to Speed up your Morning Routine

speed up your morning routine

Speed up your morning routine.

1. Use an automatic eye pencil: BareMineral’s Lasting Line Eyeliner sharpens itself, glides on smooth, and stays all day! New to the store, you MUST check it out!

2. Use a tinted moisturizer: Need to even out your skin FAST? A tinted moisturizer provides moisturizer and lightweight foundation all in one, perfect for the gal on the go.

3. Wash your face completely the night before: Speed things up by going to sleep with a clean face (you should never go to sleep with makeup on!) Clean away any leftover eyeliner or mascara with makeup remover. I love Mario Badescu’s Gel Eye Makeup remover. A gel is always a good choice over an oil remover, especially if you are prone to oily skin.

4. Crème eye shadows: Crème shadows do the job of an eye primer and shadow all in one! Easy to apply, brush one of these all over the lid for a quick and easy beautiful eye look that will last all day. Nude Frost is a perfect champagne color that looks beautiful as a quick highlight or all over the lid.

5. Use bronzer: Want a quick natural look? Use bronzer instead of blush. Bronzer will bring color and contour to your face while remaining neutral and looking effortless.

6. Brow Tint: Maybe one of the easiest tools to fill in your brows, brow tints are my fav! Using a wand that looks similar to a mascara wand, quickly brush the tinted gel onto your brows for a fast and effortless filled-in look! Perfect for those with shaped brows that just need a little polishing.

7. No mirror? No problem: Use products that are easy to apply and touch up and don’t require too much precision. I reccomend lip gloss or tinted lip balm. That’s what red lights are for, right?

8. Tiered travel makeup kit: Pro makeup cases aren’t just for pros! Cases are a great way to keep your makeup organized by face, lips, eyes, and cheeks! Keep it right on your vanity, organized and ready to go.

9. Have a signature look: Once you have a signature look, things move much faster! Have one or two go-to looks that you’ve mastered.

10. Know what you’re doing: An artist can’t paint a masterpiece without her paintbrushes! Arm yourself with the right tools. Book a lesson with me and I’ll show you how to look your best in under 10 minutes.

andreaTo set up a one-on-one with Andrea, call us at (574) 243-1730 or use our online scheduling tool. Come meet Andrea and all our artists at our 10th birthday bash this Friday, January 22, 2014 from 5-7 p.m.

10 Widely Accepted Makeup Tips You Should Ignore

makeup tips you should ignore

Ignore these common makeup tips.

To kick off our 10th birthday week, our artists will be delivering you “Top 10” lists all week! Today, Rebecca, owner of Camellia Cosmetics gives you her top 10 makeup misconceptions.

1. Color theory works.
Sure, there are many “best bet” color combinations for eye color and eye shadow, but you won’t find them consulting the opposite sides of the color wheel. Hundreds of makeup applications prove to me that blue eyes do not look best in brown eye shadow. Blue eyes actually look tired in brown eye shadow. Now, if you love the puffy look on your green eyes, by all means follow color theory and apply a copper eye shadow. But if you really want those baby blues and emerald greens to pop, go for the grays.

2. Start your eye makeup by applying an all-over light shadow.
The key to a defined eye look is placing each color exactly where you want it. When you layer even two eye shadow colors, you not only dilute and muddy the look, but you risk creating not-so-pretty pigment combinations. Change this one bad habit and you will learn to create that defined eye look you love in no time.

3. Mix your foundation with moisturizer for a sheer look.
A good foundation lasts on your skin all day, and a good moisturizer is quickly absorbed by your skin. Do you really have time to play makeup scientist every morning? Give yourself a break; if you crave lightweight coverage, just buy in a lightweight formula.

4. You should wear less makeup as you get older.
Why do women have to give up all the fun stuff as they get older? What if we really, really like makeup? While some women do look more beautiful with less makeup as they get older, it’s because they’ve learned how to be efficient and really understand what works for them. For the rest of us, treat yourself to a makeup lesson and pick up the skills you need to rock your personal style — at any age.

5. Never wear shimmer over the age of 40.
Avoid it if your shimmer is actually a frost, glitter, or has any pieces that separate from the main color. But properly placed sheen, glow, or shimmer not only adds youthful radiance; it also acts as a diffuser deflecting light away from minor imperfections.

6. Blend, blend, blend.
Also known as wipe on, wipe off. Makeup takes at least 60 seconds to set. The only reason you should be rubbing it around is to remove a mistake. Proper placement is the key to beautiful makeup. My time-saving motto: apply and fly!

7. Wear liquid eyeliner and waterproof mascara to avoid smudging.
This is bad advice because liquid liner can look dated and harsh, and waterproof mascara can quickly break your lashes. The good news is that smudge-proof mascara and eyeliner is the new standard. Look for a newer formula of mascara, something that has been updated in the last 3 years. Your eyeliner of choice should claim to be both waterproof and smudge-proof -– yet glide on without tugging.

8. First line your lips, then apply lipstick.
Apply your lipstick first and then use a neutral lip liner to pull the color right up to the edges. The two products combine to create a thicker consistency that reduces color bleed while maintaining the color of the lipstick you fell in love with. Lip liner wears off first, and you avoid that ugly ring around the edge of your lips.

9. You can find makeup advice in magazines.
Created or circulated by old men in corporate suits to sell more makeup (not real, in-the-trenches makeup experts) and pushed onto unsuspecting magazine editors, this is advice you can seldom trust. That’s why it never works!

10. Smokey eyes are the best way to stand out at a party.
We love smokey eyes, but the best way to stand out has always been to look at what everyone else is doing and do the complete opposite! You will stand out as the trendsetter and people will be drawn to you.


Want to define your beauty style? Set up a one-on-one makeup lesson with me, Rebecca!  Call 574-243-1730 or use our online scheduling tool. Don’t forget to come celebrate our 10th Birthday this Friday, January 24, 2013 from 5-7 p.m.