How to cover up, and keep it real at the same time!

Think you’re the only one with less than perfect skin?
Of course you do!
Don’t pretend with me, I talk to y’all every day!
Your splotchy skin? Not that special!
Most of the time, we are fine with it.
But sometimes, we want to look really pretty.
Drop dead gorgeous would be nice.
It’s always good to know how to smooth out your skin tone,
or how to define your eyes, and exactly what to highlight.
We can help customize skin care options,
or smooth out your skins appearance with the right makeup.
Let’s work together!
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Skin Solutions

So many of us suffer from skin issues. You may have any one or even many of the following concerns:

  • Redness
  • Dryness
  • Blemishes
  • Large Pores
  • Oily Skin
  • Uneven Splotches

Amy Kintzele radiates with minimal makeup: let us help you get healthy skin too!


This week at Camellia Cosmetics, we are putting the spotlight on skin. We know it’s at the core of all your makeup concerns, and we want to help you make the most of the skin you’re in! Here are some of the tailored help we can offer when you stop in to talk skin with us:

  • Help you build a daily customized regimen to care for your skin.
  • Help you understand how to apply and use skin-care products.
  • Help you learn how to cover up variations in skin color (blotchiness, red patches, scars, etc.).
  • Help you learn how to use your existing products and buy the right products to better care for your skin.
  • Help you apply cosmetics in such a way to enhance your skin’s vibrancy and texture (i.e., learn how to combat the caked-on look for dry skin types and vice versa to avoid foundation melting for oily skin types).



Amy Clark has that glow to her skin too! Come learn about the Camellia solutions to your skin concerns!


Our Mario Badescu product line is amazing. Let us guide you through selecting the right products customized to your skin type!

Back By Popular Demand: Bliss Spa Skin Care

Bliss is BACK!

Bliss is BACK!

Due to popular demand, we’ve brought back three of our favorite Bliss spa-at-home facials. As always, stop in to pick up your free sample today!

Pore Perfecting Face Polish: $30

Why we love it:
Refines skin texture, minimizes the appearance of pores, works in 30 seconds. Our favorite exfoliator!

Why you’ll love it:
You want radiant, youthful skin! Everyone will love this best-selling exfoliator.

Steep Clean: $55

Why we love it:

Exfoliates, decongests, and brightens skin cells in only 15 minutes for a clearer complexion without overdrying.

You’ll love it if you have:
Dull or congested skin, acne, hyperpigmentation.

Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask: $54

Why we love it:
Lightens and tightens skin with the most active and powerful Vitamin C available, protecting skin from damage and giving you a younger, fresher face.

You’ll love it if you have:
Mature, dull, or tired skin that needs a boost.