How to cover up, and keep it real at the same time!

Think you’re the only one with less than perfect skin?
Of course you do!
Don’t pretend with me, I talk to y’all every day!
Your splotchy skin? Not that special!
Most of the time, we are fine with it.
But sometimes, we want to look really pretty.
Drop dead gorgeous would be nice.
It’s always good to know how to smooth out your skin tone,
or how to define your eyes, and exactly what to highlight.
We can help customize skin care options,
or smooth out your skins appearance with the right makeup.
Let’s work together!
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Endless Summer

Don’t give up on Summer yet! Some of the best days are yet to come, just like some of your best days are still ahead. If you need a little help feeling that sentiment, we can help remind you how care free summer beauty can be every time you look in the mirror.

All this week, the artists at Camellia Cosmetics are celebrating the idea of Endless Summer. We are ready to show you the perfect bronzer, the lightest coverage, and the POP-i-est of lip colors. Let’s not forget about those eyes! We never recommend one shade, because we believe in customized looks. Our goal, make your eyes the focus of the room. Stop in, book online, or call (574)243-1730 to get your endless summer makeup update. To book right now just click here – and choose “summer trend 2017”

About our Model:

Our stunning model Racheal Hamilton-Fras knows a thing or two about beauty, but as the owner of Racheal’s Hair Studio, she is usually at the provider end of the equation. Makeup artist Sarah Tokar created this look for Racheals maternity photo shoot. Key products include: Camellia Luminous Foundation in Tender Beige $30, Bare Minerals Sheer Bronzer in Medium $28, Mary Lou Highlighter $24, and lashes (of course!) $15. Take a peek at Racheal’s hair studio page, she is amazing in every way.