How to choose, then apply your foundation

Looking for the ideal way to blend in your foundation? We LOVE foundation brushes, and more recently those big pink sponges. Both will transfer even the smallest amount of foundation to your skin without waste, giving you that smooth finish we all love.


Using a sponge or a brush will allow you to use less foundation, but amazingly get more coverage. You end up saving money and product, while also keeping yourself from the dreaded cake face!


We spill on everything you need to know when choosing a new foundation, and how to decide between using a makeup brush or sponge, and how to use both.


FOUNDATION BASICS: Sheer, Medium, or Full Coverage?

Try Sheer Coverage if: your skin is clear and smooth, and you simply want to create a soft, even appearance or enhance your skin for a more finished look. Sheer coverage at Camellia Cosmetics includes: Bare Minerals Bare Pro Powder $30, Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue $30.

Use Medium Coverage if: you have some redness, a few blemishes, or uneven skin. We can easily make your skin look smooth and give you a more polished over all look with one of these medium coverage foundations: Camellia Brand Luminous $30, Camellia Brand Photo Touch $30, Bare Minerals Original $29, or Camellia Brand Liquid Mineral $29, Bare Minerals Bare Skin Liquid $30

Full Coverage is best if: you have stubborn redness, your  makeup tends to melt off your face, or you have more than a few bumbs and scars that won’t be harmed with full coverage. Camellia Studio Makeup $27, Bare Minerals Bare Pro Liquid $34, Youngblood Mineral Makeup $45


FINGERS: Here’s the thing with applying foundation with your fingers.  Assuming your hands are clean, they won’t be after you put your foundation on. Use your fingers and suddenly makeup is on everything you touch. And, your face makeup isn’t evenly applied, it’s heavy in some areas and non-existent in others. We won’t try to arrest your or anything, and we will say it’s OK, but really, it’s the worst choice. Cost: “Makeup Fingers” and less than perfect makeup coverage. That’s a real loss.

BRUSH: Simply place about 1/2 the amount of foundation you think you need on your brush, then gently drag it around your face, tapping where you want more coverage, swirling where you want to blend, and dragging for fast application. You will use so much less foundation, and your coverage will be perfect! If your brush is leaving any streaks on your skin, it probably needs to be cleaned. Regularly wash your foundation brush with your makeup removing face cleaner, or a specially formulated brush cleaner. Cost $20-$28

SPONGE: You’ve seen them, but what, and how… and why again? That was me a few years ago. And I’m a professional. I thought sponges were old school, something I used before I knew all about brushes!  It took a pro class, a trip to the makeup show, and finally, another equally stubborn makeup artist (I’m looking at you Ali!) to convince me that these new sponges were an excellent choice. What: a super cute, light and soft way to “bounce” your foundation off your skin. The result is what is often referred to as “airbrushed” finish. Where the skin ends and the makeup begins is your little secret! Cost $9-$20

BONUS: Take 1/2 Off a makeup brush or Sponge, now through October 16, 2017 when you buy any foundation!

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