5 Expert Tips for Teen Formal Makeup

Dance with your friends, smile, and cherish an evening of being young and looking fabulous. Getting ready is a huge part of this, so be sure to get the celebrity treatment and make it a moment to remember.

FORMAL TIP #1: Use a Professional Makeup Artist

There’s no better time to use a glam squad than when there’s a formal dance. It’s part of the fun! Camellia artists have worked on photo shoots, TV, and have also been featured on U93 as makeup experts. We know what’s #trending, and we know how to make you look your best all night! Did you know Camellia has teen specials? Book online here. Just select PROM/SCHOOL FORMAL!


teen-formal-makeupFORMAL TIP #2: Play Up Your Best Features

Usually, it’s lips or eyes, but if you have a specific area of your mug that you love most, then show it off! If you love your eyes, add false lashes to your look. Camellia artists also have lots of tips and tricks to hide those not-so-cute imperfections, so having the help of a pro for your special occasion is a major bonus. (Book online now! Only $40!)


FORMAL TIP #3: A Matchy-Matchy No-No!

If you want to look effortlessly glamorous, it’s more flattering to choose colors that complement the color of your dress rather than matching it exactly. Sure you can wear blue eye shadow with your blue dress, but that doesn’t mean you should. Hair color, eye color, and skin tone all are important factors when picking colors. Besides, wouldn’t you rather impress your friends with your understanding of the color wheel?

FORMAL TIP #4: What to Bring in Your Purse

Does your purse ever feel like a black hole? We’re all guilty of this. Usually for formal events, we’re limited to a smaller purse, so it’s important to only bring the essentials. Blotting papers are a must-have, as they can be used to control oil and sweat without making your face look cakey. Don’t forget lip gloss for touch-ups, breath mints, travel hairspray, and a compact mirror.

FORMAL TIP #5: Stay True to Yourself (and Take Lots of Selfies!)

If you feel uneasy with your makeup, it will show. It’s not about trying to look grown-up or looking like everyone else; it’s about looking your best and feeling your best.

Did we mention we have special student pricing? Only $40 for formal looks for teens!

Camellia Cosmetics is YOUR glam squad for winter formal. Book online now!




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