Let’s Talk About Brushes

02-commandments-of-makeup-brushes-574x600There are more makeup brushes in this world than you can even imagine. Having the right ones and knowing how to use them is what really matters.

Here are the Top 5 Brushes Every Woman Should Have:

1. Foundation Brush

For either liquid or powder foundation, a good brush for applying makeup to the entire face is a must-have! A liquid foundation brush will look like a little paint brush. When choosing a powder foundation brush, consider the density of the brush. A thicker brush will apply the product heavier; a fluffier brush will apply the product softer.

2. Smaller Rounded Brush for Cheeks

A smaller, rounded cheek brush is great for multi-use. Use this brush for bronzer and blush!

3. Fluffy Shadow Brush

A fluffy shadow blush is necessary for blending. This gives the shadow a soft, gradient, sought-after look.

4. Crease Brush

A crease brush is more pointed than a fluffy shadow brush. Use this brush for applying contour eye shadow colors into the crease of your eye, which follows just beneath the brow bone.

5. Liner/Smudge Brush

A liner brush a fine, thin pointed brush used for eyeliner. Use a liner brush with gel liners, or use a smudge brush with eye shadows to get a soft, smoky look around the eyes.

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