3 Products You Need for a Sweat-Free Summer

sweat-free-summer-makeupYou still want to look good even when it’s 90 degrees outside. So what do you do to fight the hot-and-sweaty summer blues?

Essential for a day by the pool or sideline at the kids’ softball game, we’ve got your must-have products for a sweat-free summer.

3 Products You Need for a Sweat-Free Summer

Use a Setting Spray

Model in a Bottle seals your makeup so it stays in place all day. How good is it? We use it for all of our special events, photos, and bridal makeup applications!

Use a Tubing Mascara

Blinc Mascara & Primer is the best ever! It seals over lashes for EXTRA smudge resistance, without the hassle of special eye makeup removers. After use, tubes glide off with warm water.

What’s #3? There’s even more where that came from! Get the rest of our tips (and more!) this summer at Camellia.


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