How to take better selfies

Andrea loves dropping by the U93 Morning Show every Monday to share all our favorite beauty tips and tricks!

This week, Andrea enlisted the the help of AMAZING photographer Meagan Gilbert ( to share her advice on how to look better in selfies and pictures in general.


1. Lighting, lighting, lighting!

The best way to flatter your makeup, hair, and skin? Lighting! Don’t choose lighting that is too harsh or too dark. Meagan’s advice? Go outside! Car selfies and photos taken with natural light are always a sure way to get a good look.

how-to-take-better-selfies-022. All about the angles

Sometimes learning how to take your best picture is as easy as finding the right angle. Meagan says, “Avoid taking photos from underneath the chin. No one wants to see up your nose! The most flattering angle is always going to be slightly raised above your head.” Practice smiling in the mirror so that you look natural. Avoid those  forced, cheesy smiles!


3. Check your background

Look for solid colored walls, textured curtains, or any clean space. Avoid taking pictures in a messy room.

4. Look your best

There are certain tips and tricks to make your makeup look its best in photos. For starters, you always want to use a primer so the texture of your skin looks smooth and flawless. Opt for more matte colors, limit the shimmer because it can make your skin look oily. Check your makeup in natural light before taking a photo. We’ve all seen pictures of ourselves where we thought our makeup looked good before we left the house, and then were surprised to see a not-so-good look in pictures. Don’t be afraid of a little color on your cheeks and lips — without the added color, you run the risk of looking dull and washed out in pictures. A Camellia artist can help you find the right colors.

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