Happy Movember!


While men are growing out their beards and mustaches this month for No Shave November, we want to draw attention to where every great beard begins – the skin.

Gender aside, good skin is good skin, and contrary to popular belief, even the manliest of men have skin-care needs. Rumor has it they have feelings too, though this is uncomfirmed.

Okay, so you tough guys do have some pretty thick skin. In fact, it’s scientifically proven: men have 1/3 thicker skin than women. What this should mean is that guys don’t wrinkle as fast as ladies, but since men tend to not take good care of their skin as the fairer sex does, the opposite is usually true.

Compound a regular shaving routine with the fact that most men don’t moisturize or use lotion on their faces nearly as often as women do, and you might start to see why facials can be so beneficial for men. No matter how good your razor is, regular shaving is going to produce some amount of irritation on your skin. There’s no way around it.

So, men, take advantage of your genetic predisposition to good skin: moisturize regularly and supplement with a facial specifically designed for men.

You can schedule a Men’s Facial online here.

10% of all proceeds toward Men’s Skin Services this month will benefit Prostate Cancer Research.

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