We Make Looking Perfect {Pretty} Easy

perfect-bronzer-6-stepsBronzers have long been loved by us ladies as a way to add a little warmth to our faces, but too much of a good thing can quickly turn into a BAD thing.

Bronzer shouldn’t be used as an all-over tanner. We’ve all had too many clients tell us they’re using this method this summer, so IT’S TIME FOR A BRONZER INTERVENTION!

We Love Bronzer!

One of the main reasons we love bronzer is because it’s an easy tool to contour the face. And as always with contouring, much of the technique lies with placement!

Sounds scary, but it’s actually pretty simple!


1. Make sure you have the correct bronzer:

Choose the correct bronzer for your skin tone. Not all bronzers need to be dark and shimmery, and NO bronzer should be orange. If you have a fair to medium complexion, get a natural look by using a matte bronzer with a brown tone, like our Matte Bronze bronzer. If you already have a tan, go for a deeper brown color. If you aren’t sure which one you should be using, come in and we’ll help you find the perfect bronzer.

2. Use the right brush.

Make sure your brush isn’t too big. You want to use a brush that’s small enough to rest along your cheekbone. If your brush is too fluffy, you won’t have control over where you are applying your product. We used one of our angled cheek brushes; it’s a perfect size, the angle rests on the cheekbone perfectly, and it does most of the work for you!

3. Feel where your cheekbone begins near your ear.

Place your brush along the bone and blend into your cheek. Stop just as you meet the apple of your cheek.

4. Good job! We’re almost done! 

5. Next, bring your brush up into your forehead, making a C shape around your eye.

6. Follow the C shape back down along your cheekbone, and then softly along your jawline, making a nice little 3 shape.

These are the places that the sun would naturally hit, so it makes for an effortless natural look.

Voila! A natural, beautifully bronzed look. Pretty easy, huh? If you still need a little help, come on in for a makeup lesson! I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to keep up with us on Instagram @GlambyCam!


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