How to choose, then apply your foundation

Looking for the ideal way to blend in your foundation? We LOVE foundation brushes, and more recently those big pink sponges. Both will transfer even the smallest amount of foundation to your skin without waste, giving you that smooth finish we all love.


Using a sponge or a brush will allow you to use less foundation, but amazingly get more coverage. You end up saving money and product, while also keeping yourself from the dreaded cake face!


We spill on everything you need to know when choosing a new foundation, and how to decide between using a makeup brush or sponge, and how to use both.


FOUNDATION BASICS: Sheer, Medium, or Full Coverage?

Try Sheer Coverage if: your skin is clear and smooth, and you simply want to create a soft, even appearance or enhance your skin for a more finished look. Sheer coverage at Camellia Cosmetics includes: Bare Minerals Bare Pro Powder $30, Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue $30.

Use Medium Coverage if: you have some redness, a few blemishes, or uneven skin. We can easily make your skin look smooth and give you a more polished over all look with one of these medium coverage foundations: Camellia Brand Luminous $30, Camellia Brand Photo Touch $30, Bare Minerals Original $29, or Camellia Brand Liquid Mineral $29, Bare Minerals Bare Skin Liquid $30

Full Coverage is best if: you have stubborn redness, your  makeup tends to melt off your face, or you have more than a few bumbs and scars that won’t be harmed with full coverage. Camellia Studio Makeup $27, Bare Minerals Bare Pro Liquid $34, Youngblood Mineral Makeup $45


FINGERS: Here’s the thing with applying foundation with your fingers.  Assuming your hands are clean, they won’t be after you put your foundation on. Use your fingers and suddenly makeup is on everything you touch. And, your face makeup isn’t evenly applied, it’s heavy in some areas and non-existent in others. We won’t try to arrest your or anything, and we will say it’s OK, but really, it’s the worst choice. Cost: “Makeup Fingers” and less than perfect makeup coverage. That’s a real loss.

BRUSH: Simply place about 1/2 the amount of foundation you think you need on your brush, then gently drag it around your face, tapping where you want more coverage, swirling where you want to blend, and dragging for fast application. You will use so much less foundation, and your coverage will be perfect! If your brush is leaving any streaks on your skin, it probably needs to be cleaned. Regularly wash your foundation brush with your makeup removing face cleaner, or a specially formulated brush cleaner. Cost $20-$28

SPONGE: You’ve seen them, but what, and how… and why again? That was me a few years ago. And I’m a professional. I thought sponges were old school, something I used before I knew all about brushes!  It took a pro class, a trip to the makeup show, and finally, another equally stubborn makeup artist (I’m looking at you Ali!) to convince me that these new sponges were an excellent choice. What: a super cute, light and soft way to “bounce” your foundation off your skin. The result is what is often referred to as “airbrushed” finish. Where the skin ends and the makeup begins is your little secret! Cost $9-$20

BONUS: Take 1/2 Off a makeup brush or Sponge, now through October 16, 2017 when you buy any foundation!

The most confident girl in the room

Confidence – It comes from within.
A well deserved, hard earned belief in your own ability to succeed.
No one hands it to you, you work for it.
Some people wear their confidence inside and out.
A single glance tells the world, “I’m a rock star”.
Confidence is choosing the bright lip color,
or simply adding a wing to your eyeliner.
Confidence is owning your look.

At Camellia Cosmetics, we believe in custom looks.

We listen to what you love, and what you don’t love.
Then we show you what is possible.

Have the confidence to own your look!

Book an individual makeup lesson today.
Feel more confident tomorrow.
Book ONLINE (choose best look/makeup lesson)
Call 574-243-1730
or stop in with any questions!
Meet our Model!
Our model this week is Jarynn Sampson, a talented singer competing in Hoosier Star on September 9.
If you love to watch variety show contests on TV, like America’s Got Talent and The Voice, there is still time to get a ticket to our regional version, Hoosier Star! You even get to vote for the winner! (Jarynn we hope!)
Our goal was to create a Rock Star look for Jarynn. Here is what she had to say about her look.
 “I loved how Rebecca made my eyes pop with smokey eye shadow and a touch of purple and thick lashes. The pink lip finished the look and made me feel so pretty! Hoosier Star here I come!”
Click HERE for more information about Hoosier Star.

Skin Solutions

So many of us suffer from skin issues. You may have any one or even many of the following concerns:

  • Redness
  • Dryness
  • Blemishes
  • Large Pores
  • Oily Skin
  • Uneven Splotches

Amy Kintzele radiates with minimal makeup: let us help you get healthy skin too!


This week at Camellia Cosmetics, we are putting the spotlight on skin. We know it’s at the core of all your makeup concerns, and we want to help you make the most of the skin you’re in! Here are some of the tailored help we can offer when you stop in to talk skin with us:

  • Help you build a daily customized regimen to care for your skin.
  • Help you understand how to apply and use skin-care products.
  • Help you learn how to cover up variations in skin color (blotchiness, red patches, scars, etc.).
  • Help you learn how to use your existing products and buy the right products to better care for your skin.
  • Help you apply cosmetics in such a way to enhance your skin’s vibrancy and texture (i.e., learn how to combat the caked-on look for dry skin types and vice versa to avoid foundation melting for oily skin types).



Amy Clark has that glow to her skin too! Come learn about the Camellia solutions to your skin concerns!


Our Mario Badescu product line is amazing. Let us guide you through selecting the right products customized to your skin type!

Happy Galentine’s Day from Camellia Cosmetics

It’s the most romantic time of the year, or for some — the most annoying time of year. Either way you slice it, all of us can enjoy a Happy Galentine’s Day.

We love celebrating the love of friendship each year, and this year we have a special offer to make it extra fun. Now through 2/14/17, come in to Camellia Cosmetics (feel free to bring your best gal pal too) and enjoy a free $5 in Camellia Cash just for walking in the door!

That’s right: the first $5 is on us!  *Note: cannot be combined with other offers, valid on product purchases only, and limit one per customer.

In honor of celebrating Galentine’s Day and our special offer, we thought it would be exciting to do a makeup session with two local best friends! Amy Clark of and her bestie, Becky Kintzele were in the studio this past week glamming it up! We had so much fun with these two!

Best friends looking gorgeous for Galentine’s Day 2017!


To enjoy a similar best-friend makeup session, call us at 574- 243-1730 or book online now.

Whether you want to book a double bestie session just for the time together OR for a special Galentine’s GNO, either way we’d love to help both of you!


These two have so much fun together #friendshipgoals.


Amy Clark of looking radiant in her special Galentine’s Day makeup look from Camellia Cosmetics.


Local hometown beauty Becky Kintzele is ready for a GNO with her soft but standout makeup look.


You look gorgeous, Amy!


Casual chic! Thanks again, Becky!

Thanks Amy and Becky!

Say Goodbye to Blah Face!

Winter blues aren’t limited to just your mood. Grey skies and extra time indoors because of the cold lead to both a lack of vitamin D and inevitably “blah face.”  Your summer tan has long since faded and the winter blues can leave you feeling less than excited to get dolled up and go out. However, we believe that combating that blah face and amping up your makeup routine this time of year is EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED to help you feel better inside and out!

Being the “Makeup Lesson People” means that we know just what to do to help you combat your blah feeling and blah face. Stop into Camellia Cosmetics this week and we will teach you how to take back your routine and be your own sunshine! From a little bronzer and contouring to the right pop of lipstick color — we know just what to do to get you feeling sparkly!

Teen Week at Camellia

It’s TEEN WEEK at Camellia Cosmetics. We are so excited to dedicate a whole week to helping our youngest customers blossom in 2017! Moms often come to us asking for help in guiding their teen daughters’ makeup know-how and routines. Whether mom and daughter are hitting heads on how much eye makeup to wear or they just don’t know where to start…we are here to help!

Teens need routines that are quick (getting up for school is already early enough, need we say more?), easy to master, age/event appropriate, and affordable. At Camellia Cosmetics, here is how we can help your teen daughter:

  1. We can help her learn a quick and easy routine: Routines that are easy to remember will get implemented. Let us help her feel confident in applying the basics and teach her a few quick tricks too!
  2. We can customize her makeup lesson to her lifestyle: Does she need waterproof mascara because of sports? Does she need makeup to combat oily skin or blemishes? We will customize her makeup lesson and routine to her needs.
  3. We can create an age- and event-appropriate look for her: We will teach your teen how to apply makeup for school or sports, but how to take it up a notch for Friday night or a school dance. Mom will be happy too!
  4. We can put together a routine and corresponding product list that is affordable. Teen makeup is usually less expensive. Without age spots, fine lines, and eye circles, we can put together a short but dynamic list that will make her makeup bag complete and fun!
  5. We can book professional makeup appointments for her senior pictures or prom!

*photography by Meagan Gilbert Photography (specializing in senior photography)





Ring in 2017 Looking More GLAM Than Ever

Let us help you get Shaina’s glowing and accentuated cheek bones.

2016 is drawing to a close. And this Saturday night when the clock strikes twelve, 2017 will burst forth with all its promise and potential. It’s not too late to start the new year off with a fresh and extra glamorous look. You can still book online with us this week for one of our many services. For example, book a makeup lesson for this week, and we can teach you some innovative and personalized makeup tricks that can be used not only for Saturday night parties but all year long as well. Or book for Saturday (we’re open on NYE from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.) for a professional makeup appointment or lash service.

And while we’re all about helping you master that everyday, office-appropriate look, we have to admit we get a little giddy over the extra drama, sparkle, and shine that New Year’s Eve makeup offers. This past week, model Shaina Poland was in our studio, and we had a blast creating these red-carpet worthy looks. Here’s some makeup inspiration for your weekend festivities:


A bold red lip is perfect for event makeup and stands out from across the room as well as in pictures!


Or soften up the lip color and focus instead on bold eyes, lashes, and highlights.





Four Generations of Beautiful

Four Generations of Beautiful, from left to right: Frances, Chloe, Brooke, and Linda.

At Camellia, one of the things we enjoy most about our work is the opportunity to make women of ALL generations and ages feel beautiful. From flower girl make-up, first makeup lessons for teens, prom, bridal, and on to more mature looks: we pride ourselves on helping each woman feel like a knockout.

We recently got the opportunity to offer our trademarked makeup lessons to a four-generation group of women. That’s right, grandmother, mother, daughter, and granddaughter were all in our studio. What better way to truly demonstrate our ability to help each woman feel and look her best? And, yes, this means that we are ready and excited to help YOU too! During the holidays, we are offering a very special incentive for our makeup lessons. We want YOU to book a FREE lesson with us between now and the end of the year. When you do, we will not only teach you customized beauty tips for your most beautiful look, but we will also extend a special holiday discount offer on the products you purchase from your lesson.

Holiday Offer: Spend $50 in product purchases following your lesson and get 10% off those products. Lesson is FREE with minimum $40 product purchase.

*Discount cannot be combined with other offers.  Discount can only be used toward products. Free lesson with minimum $40 product purchase.

Camellia owner Rebecca, mid-lesson with Linda.

Why Book One of Our Lessons? Here are 8 Reasons…

  1. No more foundation lines! We will help you finally find the right match for foundation, concealers, and powder — once and for all.
  2. Maximize your eyes! We know the best way to bring out various shades and shapes of eyes. Let us help you understand shadow application to maximize YOUR eyes!
  3. Look thinner and younger! Have you heard of contouring and strobing? This is the secret weapon of all celebrities and red carpet A-listers. Let us help you learn how to contour your makeup to look thinner and younger instantly!
  4. Get an updated look! Makeup, just like fashion, has a timestamp on it. Right now, for example, a fuller brow, an ombre lip, and anything rose-gold are new trends. Let us help you update your makeup look and routine so that you aren’t timestamped from 2002!
  5. Learn the right tools for the right products! Oftentimes we find that customers don’t know which tools to use with which products. Let us show you how various shapes and sizes of brushes can really help refine your look.
  6. Understand the ORDER of how to apply your makeup! Do you suffer from fallout from your shadow that messes up your whole look? Let us show you the order in which you should apply your makeup to avoid the pitfalls of smudged lipstick and shadow fallout!
  7. Feel pampered! Our lessons are free, but we guarantee that they will make you feel like a million bucks. There’s something about sitting in a chair and having someone do your makeup that leaves you feeling special. So why not treat yourself to a no-cost lesson?!
  8. Finally, save big time! During the holiday season, take advantage of the discount we are offering on product purchases when you book one of our free makeup lessons (free with minimum $40 purchase).

Click HERE to book your makeup lesson now!

Let us help YOU feel beautiful too with one of our makeup lessons!

We can’t wait to book your lesson no matter your age or skin tone!

Beauty in your 30s.


Beauty in your 50s.


Beauty at every age!

And all of these beautiful women were excited to take advantage of our tiered discounts on products following their lessons.

Brooke with our “Be Beautiful Kit” by Bare Minerals, $45. We used a single palette to create Brooke’s signature look. Her gorgeous eyes were defined with a mix of sheen and matte shadows. Rebecca then brightened her cheeks with a stunning finish of bronzer and blush, all easily at your fingertips using our Be Beautiful Kit.


Linda’s amazing cheekbones take on a fresh look with this easy blush, powder, and glow trio. We swept a generous amount of rose along her cheekbones, then layered on the glow for a touch of highlight. Just a dab of powder from the trio instantly vanishes oil, finishing this polished look.


The original award-winning mineral powder coverage is available in this grand-sized luxury edition during the holiday season. It’s the fastest way to flawless, radiant looking skin that doesn’t scream “makeup!”