Beauty Secrets of Michiana’s Most Beautiful

Left to right: Jackie Sharpley, Miss Indiana 2011 and Zarah Skelton, Mrs. Indiana 2016.

There’s no question that makeup is transformative. It can hide bags on the most sleep-deprived new mother. It can bring out the green in someone’s hazel eyes. It can even hide an old tattoo or scar. Most of us though have a pretty established beauty routine. We may feel pretty loyal to our go-to products and our trusty techniques. But every once in a while, it’s important and actually exciting to try something new and be “transformed” all over again.

Maybe it’s a special night out that awakens your desire to try a dramatic, smoky cat-eye look. Or maybe you are tired of an over-tweezed brow and finally eager to try the new, fuller brow trend. But for many of us, the spark that ignites the curiosity to try something new is seeing something we want to try on another woman. The catch is that despite the inspiration, you often don’t know how to implement the look you are after. That’s where we at Camellia come in! We love when our customers pop in and show us pictures on their phones or from Pinterest and ask for help in recreating that look. So please always feel free to do that! In the meantime, we thought you all would love finding out some insider beauty secrets and tips from two of Michiana’s most beautiful women. This is essentially the HOW behind their flawless looks!

This week, we were one-on-one with Miss Indiana 2011, Jackie Sharpley and Mrs. Indiana 2016, Zarah Skelton. Both of these women hail from Michiana, and we were fortunate enough to have them in the studio for a makeup and photo session. While they were here, they spilled the beans on some of their best tips and tricks!

Meet Jackie Sharpley, Miss Indiana 2011

Jackie Sharpley, Miss Indiana 2011

Jackie (Jerlecki) Sharpley won Miss Indiana in 2011, after first winning the local competition Miss Duneland. Now you may know her through her role as co-owner of Sharpley Training. She and her husband Evan Sharpley, who was a Notre Dame football player, own the business together. You can also find her via her social media profiles where she goes by the catchy name of ThereSheSweats, on FOX 22 sharing weekly workout tips, and in the upcoming “Still Dancing in Elkhart: Dancing With Our Stars” competition.

Did someone say #goals?

So now that we all just vowed to get back into the gym tomorrow morning, let’s find out what Jackie shared with us! Here are some of her insider beauty secrets.

  1. Be confident! During the entire shoot, Jackie was smiling, joking, and just being herself. And there’s no doubt that her confidence and zeal for life are electric. It’s a good reminder that just owning your own beauty and FEELING strong and beautiful is powerful!
  2. Drink LOTS of water! Even if you’re not in the gym all day like Jackie, she reminds us that keeping hydrated is incredibly important for your energy and for your skin. When you are properly hydrated your makeup looks that much better: you look moisturized and radiant as a result.
  3. Eyes, Eyes, Eyes! Jackie says if she could only chose to use cosmetics on one feature she would elect to accentuate her eyes. Mascara, like our BLINC mascara ($26), is her most important tool, and for special events she recommends using false lashes to draw even more attention. At Camellia, you can book or even pop in last minute for a lash service for just $15!

Jackie says that accenting the EYES is the most important part of her beauty routine. Here Camellia artist, Adriana, is working on Jackie’s favorite part of her look: eyes and brows!


Jackie Sharpley, Miss Indiana 2011, is a big fan of our BLINC mascara, better than waterproof, $26. Once applied, these mascara tubes bind to your lashes and cannot run, smudge, clump, or flake, even if you cry or rub your eyes.


Jackie says confidence, which she definitely radiates, is one of her best beauty tips!

Meet Zarah Skelton, Mrs. Indiana 2016

Zarah Skelton, Mrs. Indiana 2016.

Zarah Skelton is this year’s Mrs. Indiana America! She’s from the greater Michiana area and attended Purdue University, which is where she met her husband, Daniel Skelton. Now she’s a teacher, and her passion both in education and as your reigning Mrs. Indiana, is to help inspire other young people to practice community service. Basically, she’s committed to helping others! Meet her in person at the upcoming Sass & Glitz Fashion Show by Sassy Magazine, and read below to find out some of the insider beauty tips she shared with us!

  1. Never let anyone dull your sparkle! Zarah is quick to smile, and indeed her eyes absolutely sparkle. She’s always uplifting and encouraging others. It’s important to remember that even when we are feeling off or down, a smile not only brightens other people’s day — it also perpetuates our own happiness and well being!
  2. Eyes, Eyes, Eyes! Just like Jackie, Zarah stressed to us the importance of accentuating the eyes. However, her main trick in doing so is complementing her eye color via her choice in eye shadows. Since she has beautiful blue eyes, she likes to wear brown shadows. The brown is closest in family to orange, which is the complementary color to blue. Hence, the brown (rather than grey, pinks, or green shadows) is the perfect color family to complement and bring out her blue eyes. We would be happy to help YOU find just the right complementary shadows for YOUR eye color too!

Camellia artist Molly chose brown shadows for Zarah BEFORE we even knew that was her favorite color to use! Our experts can help YOU nail that complementary shade too!


Zarah recommends using eye shadow shades that complement your eye color to make your eyes sparkle and stand out! We used our signature Camellia Cosmetics shadows in “Vanilla” and “TerraCotta” (each $14) to create this look.


She loved our “TerraCotta” hue from our exclusive Camellia fall collection of matte, modern brown eye shadows in rich, warm, interesting shades that are everywhere right now.