Rock Those Frecks!

makeup and freckles

Don’t hide your freckles!

It was a long winter. A long, cold winter. Just as we had about given up hope for any kind of warmth, the sun appeared. And it was beautiful!

We would have done a back-flip (if we knew how). It’s now mid-May, and you might be noticing that the pasty hue that hovered over your skin for the last six months has finally started to darken. You might have even moved up a foundation shade (or maybe you’re due for a foundation check-up).

And then you notice it. A freckle! Those little annual sun-kissed dots that grace your nose every year. For some, they’re annoying. For me, it’s a sign: summer is near. While some may hide these little guys, we say, “rock those frecks!”

Freckles can be a beauty mark — or a flaw. It’s all how you look at it.

You can layer on makeup to hide them, or you can complement them! Gravitate towards bases with sheer to light coverage. I love to use our Camellia brand Luminous foundation. A lightweight, dewy finish that leaves your skin glowing! If you’re oily, you should use a mineral powder. Youngblood’s Mineral Powder foundation is a go-to for a lightweight powder foundation. And YB’s translucent powder is an all-time brand favorite!

When it comes to blush, peach and coral shades work best because they will complement your freckles perfectly. For a vibrant pop of coral, use our Camellia baked blush in Honeybell or Whisper Apricot for a less pigmented coral. For peach, try Teaberry, the perfect everyday peach…a Camellia favorite.

To top it off, use our Satin Glow baked finishing powder as a highlight above your cheekbones. The peach tone will complement your freckles perfectly and give you that effortless, sun-kissed look.

Now it’s time to stop in and see what works best with you. We’re open Mon-Sat 10-7, and Sundays 12-5. See you soon!

— Andrea

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