That Pulled-Together, Busy Mom On-the-Go!

You’ve seen her at the supermarket. You’ve seen her at your kids’ school. She’s the busy mom on-the-go, who still rocks that effortless glamour and always seems to be pulled together. Let’s hit the pause button for a minute though, and let’s all be honest. The truth is that we are all busy and we are all barely hanging on sometimes. Motherhood, at every stage, is extraordinary but also challenging. My favorite quote from my mom is, “Motherhood is the toughest job you’ll ever love.” Indeed, let’s have a moment of solidarity and all agree that behind the scenes we are all managing the crazy, with many highs and lows every day.

But with that said, if you’ve found yourself sideways glancing at that effortless, chic mom…here’s a secret: she too is losing her mind sometimes. She just has a few extra tricks up her sleeve for her beauty routine, and we are planning on letting you in on those secrets today.

This week in the studio, we had the chance to interview and photograph two local moms, both who have that style and poise, but who are both busy new moms too. Here’s the inside scoop on how they keep looking beautiful despite their busy, on-the-go schedules.

Left to right: Alex Pecina and Malory Labonne.

Camellia’s Tips for Mastering a Chic Look Despite Being Busy

  1. Plan ahead: We all know that a well thought-out plan, done in advance, is the secret to much success. The same goes for your beauty routine.  A few extra minutes planning in advance will save you LOADS of time and agony down the road. Gone are the days of unlimited makeup pallets, dozens of brushes, piles of options etc. Instead, buy yourself a small cosmetic bag and narrow in on the exact products you want to use daily (you can always store your other makeup products in your linen closet or under your sink for later or to switch things up down the road). But for now focus in on the daily products. If your makeup bag only contains the products you will use on a routine basis, your application will be second nature and can be done quickly and on the go. Need help deciding WHAT to put in the makeup bag? We can help!
  2. Limit the number of products you use: In addition to organizing your makeup bag with only your routine products, we also recommend that the quantity you use daily is less. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style! For example, an investment in an all-in-one pallet that includes blush, bronzer, and highlighter in one product will save time and money. You simply open it up, and with a few sweeps of your brush, you can contour your face quickly and easily. For your everyday, on-the-go look you can skip extra things like eyelash curlers, lip liner, etc. Focus on the basics, such as concealer, powder, mascara, and blush.
  3. If you have the ability, consider a back up set: If you have the resources, consider creating a duplicate bag full of your daily routine products. Leave one set in your bathroom for most days. Put the other set in your console in your car or perhaps in your handbag. This will ensure that even if you end up having to run out the door before you are done getting ready, you will still be able to come back to your makeup routine when you find a few extra minutes in the carpool line or at a traffic light.
  4. Invest in the right, long-lasting products upfront: We all know there are products out there that seem to disappear over the course of the day. Have you ever applied a lip gloss only to see the whole thing smudge off onto your coffee mug? Or perhaps you applied pretty pink blush one morning, only to catch a glance of yourself in the bathroom mirror later in the day and see that somehow you are looking as pale as a ghost. The good news is that we at Camellia have products that can combat this problem. Ask us about our lip stains, for example, which are guaranteed to last much longer. These types of long-lasting products will save you time because you don’t have to keep reapplying them.
  5. Remember that real beauty shines from within: And of course, remember that a warm smile and kind eyes shine brighter than any highlighter or shimmer we can sell.  Authenticity and kindness are the most beautiful attributes you can have and accentuate.

Now find out about our local moms, who have these tips and tricks nailed!

Malory Anne Labonne

Malory is a proud mamma to the two sweetest little girls you’ve ever laid your eyes on. You may already know her via her blog, Malory Anne, which features reviews of great products for moms, nursery decor, and real-life stories from being a stay-at-home mom. Malory and her husband, Kory, live here in Granger, Indiana. In addition to being a busy mom, Malory has a passion for dance, photography, and Jesus. If you follow her blog or Instagram, you will quickly see that she also has an eye for beauty and style. From the decor in her girls’ rooms to her personal fashion sense, Malory understands style. We were fortunate enough to get to spend some time with her at Camellia and take some snapshots of her beauty routine and looks.

Malory Anne Labonne, gorgeous mom on the go.


Malory knows the secret to looking cute no matter how busy.


Find out the products we used for Malory, so you know what to put in your better-planned makeup bag for daily use!


Camellia girl, Adriana, accentuates Malory’s beautiful eyes. Find out how you can get her look as a part of your daily routine.

As seen on Malory (hint: this is the perfect list of products for your daily routine makeup bag!):

  • Bare Minerals Pro Powder, $30
  • Camellia Cosmetics Eyeshadow and Blush in Dessert Rose, $14
  • Bar Minerals Moxie Lip Gloss in Miss Popular, $18
  • Black Out Gel Waterproof Eyeliner, $16
  • Camellia Cosmetics Luxury Mascara, $16
  • Camellia Cosmetics Blondi Brow Pencil, $15

Alex Pecina

She may not look like she JUST had a baby, but she did! Alex is a proud boy mom and happy wife. She and her husband, Ryan, live here in Granger, Indiana. Oh and spoiler alert, this gorgeous new mamma just happens to be Malory’s sister-in-law! Can we say #prettyfamilypictures?! Alex’s life changed drastically when she had her baby, going from a recent Saint Mary’s College graduate to now, at just age 24, a busy mom. Getting ready has to be done quickly — and often on the go — to keep up with the needs of a newborn. She’s got that down though, and always looks put together and calm. We love you Alex (and baby Jay too!).

Alex Pecina.


Alex knows that being a new mom doesn’t mean you have to abandon your makeup routine; it just has to be streamlined.


Casual, chic, and gorgeous!


Alex checks out the products we used for her quick but glamorous look.


As seen on Alex (hint: this is also the perfect list of products for your daily routine makeup bag!):

  • Bare Minerals Pro Powder, $30
  • Baked Blush by Camellia Cosmetics in Dahlia, $16
  • Camellia Cosmetics Full Cover Gloss in Neutral Rose, $14
  • Black Out Gel Waterproof Eyeliner, $16
  • Bare Minerals Lash Domination Mascara, $19
  • Bare Minerals 8-Shade Eye Sshadow Kit in Bare, $42


Left to right: Alex Pecina & Malory Labonne.

Thank you to these two real hometown beauties! They are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside!