Teen Week at Camellia

It’s TEEN WEEK at Camellia Cosmetics. We are so excited to dedicate a whole week to helping our youngest customers blossom in 2017! Moms often come to us asking for help in guiding their teen daughters’ makeup know-how and routines. Whether mom and daughter are hitting heads on how much eye makeup to wear or they just don’t know where to start…we are here to help!

Teens need routines that are quick (getting up for school is already early enough, need we say more?), easy to master, age/event appropriate, and affordable. At Camellia Cosmetics, here is how we can help your teen daughter:

  1. We can help her learn a quick and easy routine: Routines that are easy to remember will get implemented. Let us help her feel confident in applying the basics and teach her a few quick tricks too!
  2. We can customize her makeup lesson to her lifestyle: Does she need waterproof mascara because of sports? Does she need makeup to combat oily skin or blemishes? We will customize her makeup lesson and routine to her needs.
  3. We can create an age- and event-appropriate look for her: We will teach your teen how to apply makeup for school or sports, but how to take it up a notch for Friday night or a school dance. Mom will be happy too!
  4. We can put together a routine and corresponding product list that is affordable. Teen makeup is usually less expensive. Without age spots, fine lines, and eye circles, we can put together a short but dynamic list that will make her makeup bag complete and fun!
  5. We can book professional makeup appointments for her senior pictures or prom!

*photography by Meagan Gilbert Photography (specializing in senior photography)





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