April 22, 2014

Free lip waxes are the new free car. Tomorrow only, get a free lip wax with your HOLLYWOOD BROW. Head on over to our online booking and save your spot!

April 07, 2014

To celebrate 10 years of Camellia Cosmetics, we're giving the "hollywood" treatment to your brows for only $10, the 10th of every month this year! While you're in, one of our seasoned artists can perfectly pick out the best product to use on your brows. Pencils, powders, pens...we'll show you what works best for YOU. Take 10% off any brow product when you purchase it with your wax.

Well, we're excited, so we KNOW you must be. Save your spot now with our online booking here, or call our store today (574) 243-1730. See you on April 10th!

March 18, 2014

     That's easy right? Enter frazzled but somehow hopeful, exit dazzling yet somehow poorer! We've tweaked the formula for you, added some excursions...

Photo Booth - Want proof of your transformation? Take a quick "before" shot in your every day look. Play with color (fun!) Do you look better in Red Lipstick, Hot Pink or Nude Gloss? A picture will show you things you just can't see with your own two eyes. Once you perfect that look, take the ultimate facebook profile picture. Speaking of facebook...

Model Molly having fun in a makeup store

Social Share - Waiting for your Hollywood Brow appointment? Our social media center is all set up, hop on and share or stalk away - those 5 minutes never seemed so fast. Love our Hollywood Brow? Love our Makeup? Share the good vibes and we will be your beauty butlers for life!

The Camellia Challenge - This freebie is for every one of us, because every once in a while we need to hear the beauty truth. Just not all the time, right? So, whenever you're up for it, take the Camellia Challenge. We tell you (ever so nicely) what's missing, or not quite right, about what you're currently doing with your makeup. Then we quickly show you what we would do. Take it or leave it. The Camellia Challenge isn't about a beauty over haul, it's about those small changes in your beauty routine that sometimes make all the difference in the world.

 We are only here to make you look and feel your most beautiful. And to have fun in a makeup store. I'll see you soon; Rebecca