Love Your Face
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Love Your Face

Endless Summer

Don’t give up on Summer yet! Some of the best days are yet to come, just like some of your best days are still ahead. If you need a little help feeling that sentiment, we can help remind you how care free summer beauty can be every time you look in the mirror. All this week, the artists at Camellia Cosmetics... [Read more]

How to look great at work, all day long.

We know what you need, even if you don’t! Lauren came in this week with a common request. She wanted to update her look, but she wasn’t sure where to start. After asking Lauren a few questions, makeup artist Sarah realized that Lauren was kick starting her career. Sarah decided on a polished, clean... [Read more]

The Camellia Cosmetics Exclusive Summer 2017 Look

Summer ’17 is almost here, and in anticipation we are so excited to announce “The Look: A Camellia Cosmetics Exclusive.” The hottest beauty trend this summer is sheer shimmer. The sheer look makes it perfect for all skin tones and ages. Natural looks rule this summer — we layer sun protection... [Read more]

Skin Solutions

So many of us suffer from skin issues. You may have any one or even many of the following concerns: Redness Dryness Blemishes Large Pores Oily Skin Uneven Splotches Amy Kintzele radiates with minimal makeup: let us help you get healthy skin too!   This week at Camellia Cosmetics, we are putting the spotlight... [Read more]